Winter caution


  • Tips to handle cold and flu in Winter

    Tips to handle cold and flu in Winter

    Do not worry of getting cold and flu during winter season. You can smartly protect yourself by following simple and healthy tips at office and at work such as: Don’t touch your mouth and eyes without cleaning your hands first. As bacteria and viruses can enter your body from different places such as by touching elevators buttons, office doors, bathroom taps etc. High traffic areas are more to have microbes and you have to be careful in such places more. It was proved that microbe mainly viruses can live on tables, phones, door handles......

  • Tips for healthy living in Winter season

    Tips for healthy living in Winter season

    Chilling winter time requires care to handle low temperatures and maintain healthy state. You can follow these precautions in winters to prevent occurrences of diseases: 1). Wearing warm clothes is necessary to insulate body from cold weather. Protect your head, hands, feet and ears by wearing proper warm clothes. 2). Take precautions to prevent fever, flu and other cold related problems. Morning walkers and rotational shift workers should cover their bodies with warm clothes to prevent occurrences of fever, flu and common cold. 3). Woolen.....


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