Why do old couples look alike?


Have you ever noticed that couples who are in relationship for long period of time, tend to look alike after some years? And surprisingly, its not the case of mere coincidence where romantic couples start resembling each other but there is actually scientific reason behind this. Researchers have actually given number of theories for explaining the reason why couples end up looking alike after some period of time. Here are the reasons.

First of all, as we know attraction is the key criteria for couples to fall in love, and hence they tend to select people who look like themselves more. Psychologist says that, this is mainly because we have more tendency to trust and believe those people who share similar looks. So this could play major role in resembling couples more to each other.

Another study was carried out to compare the facial looks between newly wedded couples and older married ones. And obviously it was noted that the older couples resembled more with their partners in behaviour as well as looks than the newly wedded couples. Researchers says that could happen because the romantic partners frequently emphasize each other and share their emotional status more often with each other than other relatives. And sharing same facial expressions means moving facial muscles around the mouth and eyes in similar manner which leaves similar kind of wrinkles and facial line patterns on their face. Therefore copying of each other expression and behaving like each other could be a key reason for the similar facial appearance between couples.

According to one study where photographs of faces were provided to 110 people and were asked to match men and women who closely resembled each other. Studies showed two dozen of the photographs were that of couples when they got first married where all others were of the couples who were married for 25 years. This results showed that the participants were able to match husbands and wives far more better when the couples were older than the newly wedded ones because of their resemblance in facial looks.

Other possible explanation given by other scientist through their group of studies says that the increases resemblance between couples could be because of sharing same environment and other factors in their life. Example if they stay together, they will be exposed to same amount of sunlight and weather conditions which could be another factors for similar resemblance.

Having similar kind of food also can be another possible criteria, as this will have internal effect on the body. Example, if both the partners eat high fat diet, their faces tend to look chubby and fat.

So, next time when you see any old couples sharing same looks, don’t get surprise…These could be the reasons….



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