What is the difference between Stress and Anxiety?


Many people are confused between stress and anxiety and treat them in same way. But scientifically proven, they are two different conditions. Let's go through some points which will help us to identify the difference between two.

Stress and anxiety is the same:

False: No, stress and anxiety are not the same because stress is a response of body to environmental or surronding changes , in either positive or negative way. Such as if there is adverse climatic changes, or problems at work, or suffering from unexpected loss, your body will react by taking stress which will be either physical, mental or emotional responses. On the other hand anxiety is defined as a purely emotion characterised vy the feeling of nervousness, apprehension or fear.

The causes of stress and anxiety is same for everyone:

False: No, the causes are different for everyone. It is observed that the cause which causes stress or anxiety in one person may not cause in another. For example, deadline at work which may be negative and cause of stress for someone may not be for other, who takes it in positive way and get motivated.

Losing weight drastically can be a sign of stressful condition:

True: Yes, any changes in eating habits, pattern such as loss of appetite or overeating can be signs of taking stress. Other signs which include in stressful conditions are less activity, conflicts in relationship, increase use of alcohol, smoking or any other use of drugs.

Anxiety is considered always a negative and harmful emotion:

False: No, anxiety which makes one nervous, anxious and fearful is not to considered as harmful or negative emotion. Anxiety is not a enjoyable condition also, but it is said to be normal and potentialy harmful condition if taken in right manner. This is because sometimes mild anxiety can make you more sharper, alert and focussed in facing various problems and challenges.

Anxiety disorders and stres are the most common mental illness faced in America:

True: Yes, around 40 million U.s citizens 918 and older) are affected by tthses anxiety disorders every year, which comes to about 18% of adult population.

And around 75% of American's are reported to suffer form stress due to money related problems according to the American Psychological Association 2011. Other factors which cause stress among U.S populations are work related problems and economu problems.

Hope these above points have given a better picture about what is stress and anxiety and how they differ from each other.



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