What is the Difference between a Pimple, Mole, Scars and Birthmarks?


Everyone loves their skin and desire to have radiant, vibrant and clear skin, but I’s very difficult to possess absolute clear and flawless skin because of those pimples, scars or birthmarks. These are collectively termed as skin problems which everyone experience. Some like pimples or scars are produced by external factors whereas some like birthmarks and mole are present from birth. But whatever may be the reason, they all spoil the beauty and good looks and are therefore undesirable by everyone. Today, let’s have a look at these some common problems faced by us and how they are different from each other.


Pimples also known as acne are the most common skin problem seen in people, especially in their adolescent age. This is basically because of the hormonal disturbances caused by the presence of bacteria called P. acnes or due to clogging of hair follicles with oil or dead cells. These pimples are mainly found on face, neck, shoulders and even on chest and back. Everyone is familiar with what are whiteheads and blackheads which are the major common forms of pimples seen in people. Whereas the cystic and nodular form of pimples are severe type and need proper treatment from skin specialist.


Moles are majorly considered by our Indian astrologers as a sign in Astrology. They believe that they govern the arrangement and movement of various planets and stars and decide our future. But scientist consider them just another type of skin problem which occurs due to clustering of cells at one point on skin surface. And that’s why they are seen as raised hard structures on skin surface, but in some they are found to be flat or partially raised. Scientist also believe that their presence is purely based on genetic inheritance and sometimes can develop due to extreme sun exposure conditions. Therefore using proper skin products an avoiding sun damage can prevent their appearance.


Everyone is believed to have some kind of birthmark on their body, and are defined as some kind of outgrowth that occurs in pigmented cells of skin. In some they fade as they grow up where in some they leave a permanent identity mark. These are usually harmless hence requires no treatment.


On the other hand, scars are formed mainly because of some kind of damage to skin collagen and skin elastin which results in a permanent mark on the body. They are usually characterized from other part of skin surface mainly due to its different in color or texture. Scars can also result from other factors such as injury, burns, trauma or any surgery. Some scars marks diminish with time where some stay permanent till you die. Mostly this type of skin problem is harmless and hence avoided by many. And good part is that some creams and ointments can actually help to lighten them if used regularly. Whereas in worst conditions like accidents and burns, patients are recommended to take steroid hormones or skin surgery like laser treatment to remove them completely from body surface.

Skin is the largest body organ and hence susceptible to various harsh conditions leading to these collectively called skin problems. There are number of factors associated with these problems such as genetic problems, harsh weather condition, and unhealthy diet, use of incorrect skin cosmetic products or sometimes injuries and accidents. Whatever may be the reason, you need to treat your skin with utmost care and concern to keep it glowing and healthy.



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