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  • How stress leads to obesity?

    How stress leads to obesity?

    Stress is defined as “a phylogenetic response pattern to a demanding situation”. It means that whenever there are demanding situations, we need to respond by bringing about several changes in the body- mind complex to protect ourselves and it is these responses that are called stress. What is important to note here is that it is not the situation that is called stress, but it is the response that we call as stress.    Stress is an inevitable factor in life, at all times. Every being has resources to enable the individual...

  •  Check out possible reasons for Weight gain

    Check out possible reasons for Weight gain

    Gaining weight is a major problem experienced by many of us which could be due to number of reasons. If in any case, you are gaining weight because of overeating or lack of exercise, we can understand it’s purely your mistake, but if all conditions are the same and you still observe weight gain in your body, then there is something wrong and you have to take care immediately. And as I said, there could be number of reasons or factors that leads to weight gain, some of which I am listing here.   Stressful life and lack of sleep ......


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