Treatment and Management of Osteoarthritis by simple methods


Everyone is familiar with this form of arthritis known as Osteoarthritis and its causes. But most of us lack information on its simple treatment method which we can easily follow at home. As we know osteoarthritis mainly affect people in their old age, this information on “Management and Treatment of osteoarthritis” will be more helpful to them.

Treatment and Management of Osteoarthritis

Treatment of osteoarthritis completely depends on their cause and symptoms. Some of the techniques involved in treating osteoarthritis are as follows:

·         – This involves participating in various activities such as yoga, exercise, walking that helps you to develop skills and confidence to manage arthritis on daily basis. Because involvement in various activities will help to decrease the pain, improves body functions and delays disability.

- If you have any joint injury due to sports or occupational accidents, protect it before it turns into arthritis.This could be a major preventive method for sports athletics and people who are constantly exposed to bone or joint injury at their workplace.

– It is observed that this type of arthritis increases with weight and hence controlling weight mainly in obese people is the main criteria. Your doctor or dietitian can help you in keeping proper weight according to your age. As diet also plays crucial role in controlling weight, health professional suggest to include diet rich in antioxidants and fibre which help to burn the excess fat in body and reduce weight.

– such as muscle relaxation, meditation can also help in minimizing the pain and joint stiffness associated with the disease. It also makes patients to feel good and happy.

– Some pain killers recommended by your doctor can help to reduce intense pain.

– Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids have shown to reduce the progression or development of osteoarthritis. It has shown that food rich in vitamins, flavonoids and phytonutrients have excellent antioxidant properties which help to reduce the inflammation and pain associated with this disease. Calcium and vitamin D rich food are also recommended for proper bone growth and functioning.Therefore deficient in adequate amount of these nutrients can lead to bone problems like osteoporosis which further left untreated develop into arthritis problem.

Surgery – This treatment is suggested in extreme and advanced condition when other techniques does not work on patients such as knee replacement.

Thus by taking care of simple methods such as weight management, including diet rich in antioxidants, we can overcome the harmful symptoms of this disease successfully.



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