Tips to handle cold and flu in Winter


Do not worry of getting cold and flu during winter season. You can smartly protect yourself by following simple and healthy tips at office and at work such as:

Don’t touch your mouth and eyes without cleaning your hands first. As bacteria and viruses can enter your body from different places such as by touching elevators buttons, office doors, bathroom taps etc. High traffic areas are more to have microbes and you have to be careful in such places more. It was proved that microbe mainly viruses can live on tables, phones, door handles and even on elevator button for almost 8 hrs. Also try not to touch objects like handles and button with fingers, instead use palm.

A recent study have shown doorknob contaminated with virus could spread illness to 40-60% workers and visitors in just 2-4hrs.

Wash hands thoroughly and frequently. You need to wash hands properly every time you go to busy areas like in bus or restaurants or public bathrooms. Use soap every time you wash your hands. Opt for healthy lifestyle tips such as using napkins while coughing or using disinfectant when you can’t use soap. This will kill germs on your hands and will prevent its spreading.

Get vaccinated. Get your vaccine shot for flu on time. Reports have shown flu vaccine have prevented 71% hospitalization in past. Vaccination is very important for kids as they are more prone to infection and their proper vaccines shots should not be avoided.

Don’t share your food and drink. Sharing of food and drink increases care and concern but it is one of the most common way to pass on infections to others. Therefore it’s not advisable to pass or share your food and drink with your beloved ones also especially when you have cold and flu. So stick to your own food. And try to not share other stuff such as towels, napkins and utensils too.

Stay home if you are ill. And lastly don’t be a carrier of germs if you are sick or have cold. Take rest and avoid crowded places. Try to use simple home remedies to take care of your cold, but if it doesn’t go, you need to visit your doctor soon for proper medication so that you don’t pass it on.

By following these simple but efficient precautions, you can protect yourself from common problems of flu and cold during winters and also prevents its spreading to others.



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