Tips for your Beautiful Lips


Everyone loves their lips as they are the most beautiful and attractive part of your body. But they are also very delicate and sensitive to harmful conditions that can harm their beauty and soft texture, they need extra care and protection especially during changes in whether. It is always seen during hot summers and peak winters, lips get dry and dehydrated, therefore needs lot of care to protect and preserve their natural beauty. Hence here are some of the healthy tips for your lovely lips which will help to keep your lips healthy and soft:

  1. Always use lip balms and moisturizer to protect your lips from extreme conditions in winters and summers. This will protect them from becoming dull and dry.
  2. Try to apply moisturizer like petroleum jelly before going to bed which will keep them rehydrated throughout night.
  3. Avoid using lip colour and other lip products that contain harsh chemicals which in long run will cause harmful damage to your lips such as darkening of lips.
  4. Try to use products containing natural herbal products that will nourishes and keep your lips healthy.

Exfoliate your lip skin just like other parts to remove dead and other pollutants by using good scrub containing natural products of flowers and fruits. This will help to keep your lip skin clean, clear and beautiful.

It is important to massage your lips to increase blood circulation and keep them glowing. Try using ice cubes and rub them gently to increase proper supply of blood to lips which make them look redder and healthy.

  1. Eat more of fruits and vegetables that contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that will keep your lips healthy and nourished.
  2. Avoid too spicy, salty or allergic food that can cause inflammation or any damage to your lips.
  3. Avoid drinking very hot coffee, tea or soup.
  4. Stop smoking as nicotine or tobacco present in cigarette are very harmful to lip skin which makes them dark and lifeless.
  5. And most important stop biting your lips which is a very bad habit, inculcated in many of us that makes lips dry and cracked.
  6. Drink plenty of water which will keep not only your lips hydrated and healthy but is essential for entire body functioning.

Your lips helps you do so much of your work…..They help you to eat, smile, speak and kiss…So treat them with utmost care and love.



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