The ghost called EXAMS


Today’s teenagers are more stressed out than the adults. They have so much going on in their minds. The competitive student life is taking a toll. The teenagers have these urge to be better than everyone else in all the fields. The idea of performing better than the other in exams is fed into their minds from an early age. They grow up listening to the story of how the neighbour’s son secured a whopping 95% in boards. They are very well aware that the same is expected out of them too. Their mind gets clogged with various ‘what ifs’. What if I do not top my class? What if I do not score well? What if I let my parents down? Will they be ashamed of me? What if they scold me? 

So many questions residing in a mind, will stress be far behind? 

Taking stress at such an early age has many harmful effects, both physical and mental. Physically the students become weak, their health deteriorates. They stay up all night studying and learning, hence the dark circles. They remain so engrossed into the books that they even skip their meals. Skipping meals has major side effects on one’s health. Loss of weight, energy, appetite and stamina becomes very common. They get tired very easily. They begin to suffer from the problem of high blood pressure at an early age. How do you expect your body to function if you do not give it the necessary fuel? The body needs nutrients, vitamins and minerals in proper amounts. If you do not give it that, the functioning is bound to get disrupted. 

The students also become cut off from the outside world. They do not mix with people and do not spend time with family and friends. Their relationships get severely affected. Stress distorts the emotional side of a person as well. 

Some students become stressed beyond a limit and as a result tend to hurt themselves. They become self-destructive. They get addicted to drinking and drugs. 

In order to relieve them from the unwanted stress, the first step has to be taken up by the parents. They should not impose their wills and wishes on the students. They should not burden the students with very high expectations. Every child is not the same. Rather they should encourage the students to give their best and not over burden themselves. They should sit with the children and discuss their problems. They should motivate and counsel them whenever possible.

To de-stress themselves, students should take out some time and indulge into doing something they love. They could listen to music or take a walk in the evening. They can use their free time to pursue some hobby.

Good eating habits are of utmost importance. A meal should never be skipped. A balanced diet is necessary. Junk food should be avoided. Also, exercising daily even if for half an hour keeps the body and mind fit. 

Being awake the night before an exam is not really a good idea. Not only do they stress themselves out, they also harm their body’s functioning. Sitting in the exam hall the following morning, they will feel sleepy and tired and would not be able to concentrate. Thus, a good night’s sleep is essential. 

Give your best and do not stress out!

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