The bottom line is LOVE!


The oxford dictionary defines the word “Relationship”, as "The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected”. Yes, relationship means trust, faith and love between two persons that connects them. It can be parent-child, teacher-student, boyfriend-girlfriend(bf-gf) , any two people for that matter.


But in today's fast forward life relationships are losing its importance. People want money. To earn money, they spend more time working. When they come home, they are already half frustrated because of the work which in turn affects their relationships. During weekends, people want to rest at home.

Consequently , in essence, if one goes to see, there is absolutely no time either for a person for himself , let alone the other person.


Let's talk about a bf-gf relationship.

Nowadays, most of the couples break up after sometime. Why? Because, most don't know the actual meaning of “being in a relationship”, do not appreciate it. 

Relationship is purely made up of love. It has no ifs and no buts. When a girl and a guy start dating, they expect their love story to straight out of a Bollywood movie. Gradually, when they face reality which is not as mushy mushy as they would have thought, the testing times, the hardships, they fail to stand up to the test of time and end up distancing themselves. And start a new quest of a fairy tale relationship.

Guys and girls, life will be a fairy tale, if you love another person, the way they are. Love another person whole heartedly, not with “bottom of your heart”.!!!. Be there when they need you. 

If your partner is angry, there is no point in you too getting angry at the same time. You can say sorry even if it is not your mistake. Choose, who is important, your ego or your beautiful relationship.

There will be times when your partner needs space. Give them. If your partner hasn't spoken to you for few hours or for a day that does not mean that they have stopped loving you. They just need their space.

Don't expect your partner to be perfect. You are neither. Accept them as they are. Love them for what they are. Love their flaws. Love their strengths. Be the strength they need to counter their weaknesses. Always remember, the moment you try to change them, you are no longer loving the same person whom you loved before.

Maintaining a loving relationship doesn't require efforts. It just requires love. How about just texting your partner “I love you" or "I miss you" in the middle of the office work. Just imagine the beautiful smile that your partner will have on his face.

How about appreciating their good qualities.

Try and give them small little surprises. A walk on the beach after the whole day work, just enjoying the wind on your terrace, planning a coffee date. All these appear to be very small things but they have a huge impact on your relationship as they radiate love.

Further, the most important thing in any relationship is "Talk to each other". Speak your heart out. 

Forgive your partner in case of any mistakes, forget them and “let go” and love your partner more and more. Bravo, you will always be blessed with a beautiful loving relationship. 

Stay happy!! Stay blessed!! and keep loving!!!



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