Stress Management for the working class


If I ask you what is the biggest con of today’s fast-track life- everything-at-the-doorstep, lifestyle then first thing that pops in our head is the stress that it has brought along with it. Stress is the root of many diseases .So, let’s talk the about ways to avoid it.

        1. The biggest demon-Over thinking –A big no!Second-guessing our choices is fair enough. But most of us question the work we are into everytime. This leads to stressful lives. If you really are not happy with the way things are around you, do whatever it takes to change them. But if that is not possible, you have got to accept and adopt them reaping the best out of it .Initially it would be difficult but eventually you will be a relaxed soul. If your boss expects buttering from you because your colleagues do that and get the brownie points, make a conscious decision. Either you are going do the same like others or be a fair play person and not do that. TAKE A STANCE- Once decided stop sulking and just follow your choice.

       2.      Work according to your capacity

Every person has the strength and stamina. Taking up more work or getting into many activities because others are doing that does not make any sense. Stress is what you would be left with Take that much which you can handle. Work should not merely be reduced to a burden.

        3 .   Maximum satisfaction and enjoyment.

Choose a work which you are good at. People tend to go after perks even when they realize that the other department /branch with lesser salary/bonuses are the one for them. But in the long run, they    regret when left with no switching options.

         4.   Have a vision/aim for yourself

One of the reasons of stress is when you have not figured what you actually want. It’s not that difficult. See what you like, what are you really good at. It can be designing, cooking, sports, anything. You may not see that thing to be viable in many ways but years after managing to pursue what you like, you will be grateful to yourself.

          5.  Get real .Lower your expectations

Fantasizing is good. Unrealistic hopes from life is depressing. The day when one realizes that nothing which happens to others which you till now considered as their “fate/luck” was an overnight magic but pure toil with a vision, who will lose the unrealistic expectations .Their revelation of efforts would turn you in being  their admirer .



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