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As time has changed so as our thinking, our wants, and our lifestyle too, and this affects our health adversely. As a consequence of it we suffer from heart ailments. Today, almost everybody is sufferer of heart related problems. Earlier men were only known to be diseased for ‘heart attack’. But now even ladies suffer from the same problem. Its reason is ladies have to perform multi tasks. Workload causes them stress and stress causes heart ailments. Though, it’s also true that nobody has a key neither to happiness nor to a stress less life. Many people remain depressed because of their tragic past memories. But there is no use to think again and again about those memories that gives you pain, stress and tension. It will be very foolish to do so and if there is inner peace then it goes very easy to lead a happy life which also gives you a healthy life. Tensions, stress and problems should never be burdened; in fact it should be solved quickly. The best suggestion for every problem is that it should be solved with self-confidence and willpower. Always lead a happy life. Avoid being in stress and never being angry.

We may not control stress but we can manage it. Here are few tips for leading a happier and healthier life:

1. Negative thinking causes a negative personality. He gets jealous, starts hating everybody and starts getting angry very quickly. Hence, neither to think negative nor be in the company of these kind of people. Never be sad and even in the most difficult times never lose hope and never get depressed. This affects your mental as well as physical health.

2. It’s a fact that during tension and stress we eat more. It seems that food lessens your stress but eating more increases your stress nothing else. Hence be tension free and eat and live healthy.

3. Never drink tea or coffee again and again to lessen your stress because Nicotine always increases your stress.

4. You should everyday walk at least 2-3 kms and should perform yoga and pranayam. This will not only lead to a healthy life but also to a tension free life.

5. Keep yourself busy as in writing, crafts, doing social works reading books. This will help you spending time fruitfully and will also reduce your stress.

6. Avoid being lazy. “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. This is true enough to say that some recreational activities are must in busy scheduled lives.

7. Ignore things that are not are important. Don’t give importance to useless things and don’t even think about them.

8. Remain happy every time. Resting is important. Take rest in free time.

9. Practice deep breathing when in stress.

10. Take 15-20 minutes every day to sit quietly and reflect.

11. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. And don’t smoke.

12. Get enough rest and sleep.

13. Learn to say ‘NO’ occasionally. It wont hurt other people’s feelings as much as you think and is simply a method to be more assertive in your own life, to better help you meet your own needs.

14. Cultivate a sense of humor, laugh.

15. Talk to your family and friends. See if they can help.

Remember it sometimes takes a little practice and effort to put some of these techniques into play in your life. But once you do so, you may be pleasantly surprised at the positive benefits you’ll receive.



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