Stay sharp and focused as you grow older


Staying sharp and fully focused is as important as staying healthy and fit as you grow older. And this could be achieved by taking care of your diet, exercise, health problems and your habits. Here are some tips for you to follow if you want to stay focused as you age.

Eating healthy fat

As we all know saturated fats are bad for our health where they can damage our heart and arteries, causing number of heart related problems. But researchers have found they can even harm our concentration, focus and memory power, hence should be avoided strictly as we grow older. The food that we need to restrict are red meat, butter and other food containing high saturated fats whereas should incorporate good fat from plants (such as flaxseeds and nuts) and those from fatty fish (omega fatty acids). Including good fat not only will prevent you from taking saturated fats in your diet, but they will provide good health benefits on your heart and brain.

Protect your joints

As we grow old, bones get most affected which become weak and brittle with time. And therefore joint related problems like arthritis, gout become the part of our life. Because of such joint problems, people stop from walking, running or taking up any other kind of physical exercise. But researchers have proved that regular physical exercise is very important as we grow old as it helps to strengthen our bones, give them support and relieves pain. And incase if you suffering from any joint related problem, it is actually advised to take up low-impact exercise like walking, biking other than running fast or doing cardio.

Cut down on sodium intake

Too much salt in food is a major culprit for number of age related problems such as heart diseases, blood pressure problems, hypertension etc. Therefore keep a check on your salt intake in your food that you regularly consume and try to opt for natural fruits and vegetables or their fresh juices instead of packaged and frozen food found in markets.

Lower your risk for Alzheimer’s Risk

Studies have shown that regular exercise can lower your risk of memory loss and thinking problems in old people by 39%. This is mainly because exercises boost your blood flow and energy to brain and other parts of body helping them to function properly. Therefore try to indulge yourself in simple exercises like morning walk, biking or gardening to give some kind of boost to your brain.

Make smarter food choices

As we grow older, our metabolism also tends to become slow and weak, making us difficult in digesting high protein and carbohydrate rich foods. Therefore doctor’s advice older people to avoid such food and substitute with fresh vegetables and fruits. Also try to choose food that are rich in vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and calcium. Cut down on extra calories which lead to extra weight and fat accumulation in body.

Other factors that you can take in consideration to remain fit and focused are better sleep, regular exercise, less of alcohol consumption, and regular visit to family doctor and following his instructions that will take care of any ailment if you suffering. And most important get more socialize, spend more time with your family, friends and dear ones which will help you to think positive and stay healthy.



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