Sign you are in Co-dependent relationship


Sign you are in Co-dependent relationship: When you start sacrificing many things in life for your partner and get nothing much in return, it shows the signs of what it is called co-dependency relationship. But you don’t have to get frustrated as there are many ways to change a co-dependence relationship. The firsts step is to understand the meaning of co-dependency and its effect on one’s personal life.

Experts says, co-dependent relationship is a pattern of one’s behaviour in which the person starts depending on approval from other partner at the cost of your self-worth and owns identity. One and foremost signs of co-dependent relationship is when you start making sacrifices to satisfy your partner’s needs.

Psychologists suggest that “co-dependent relationship signify a degree of unhealthy relationship which gets converted to other fights and issues.” This happens because in co-dependent relationship, one person doesn’t have self-sufficiency and autonomy.

Researchers says anyone can become co-dependent. And it is observed that mainly those people who have were emotionally abused or neglected in their childhood by elders are mostly to become co-dependent than others. In such cases mainly kids are taught from their childhood to sacrifice their own needs to please their difficult parents which makes them to maintain same type of relation in relationship to get love and care from difficult partner.

How to know whether you are in Co-dependent relationship or not?

Check out the obvious signs of this co-dependency relationship which are as follows:

Do you find it difficult to find satisfaction in life without the presence of your partner?

Do you find unhealthy behaviour in your partner’s attitude toward you, but still stay with him?

Are you supporting your partner at the cost of your mental, physical and even emotional health?

If the answers for these following questions are “yes”, then you are definitely in co-dependent relationship. And you have to change yourself, because this lead to other unhealthy complications in relationship.

What are the Impacts of Co-dependent relationship?

Scarifying your own happiness and identity to fulfil the needs of a partner leads to short-term and long-term consequences in relationship.

You will feel more anxiety often as compared to other emotions

You get more exhausted and tired as you keep pleasing other person

You feel left out and neglected often

At last, you get more frustrated and angry which can spoil relationship more.

Therefore try not to be a part of co-dependent relationship, because pleasing your partner you try to promote his dysfunctions more. Get your own self-respect and dignity to stay a happy life ahead.



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