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  • Biggest Sex Drive Killers - 9 secret factors

    Biggest Sex Drive Killers - 9 secret factors

    Biggest Sex- Drive Killers: There are number of problems which may be related to health, bad habits or due to age factors that can affect one’s sex relationship. The less desire to have sex further affects personal and professional life due to lack of confidence, unhappiness and stress. Here are some major factors which act as “Killers” of one’s sex drive. Stress: Stressful conditions due to work pressure, at home or in relationship is a major problem for low libido both in men and women. Learning how to handle.....

  • Reasons for sexual problems in women

    Reasons for sexual problems in women

    A sexual problem is that condition which keeps you away from having any kind of relation with your partner. Most women experience this type of problem at one or other time in their life. And in some phases of their life, it is consider normal such as during pregnancy or a mother with newly born baby or an exhausted mother who runs behind her small kid all the day. In such situation it obvious to have less sex desire than others. Similar the symptoms of sexual problems also varies from women to women as in some there may be more and start......

  • How does hormones affect sex timings in men and women?

    How does hormones affect sex timings in men and women?

    Studies have shown that the preference for sex timings differ in men and women. Where men feels sexiest best when he wakes up in morning, women prefer sex at night. And this is a common problem that every couple faces during their sexual relationship with their partner. The answer for this question lies totally in the difference in sex hormones that are present in men and women. Male sex hormones are known as Androgens. The main androgen found in man is called Testosterone and additional hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone. This androgens.....

  • Men and Women are Intellectually Equal: Believe or not?

    Men and Women are Intellectually Equal: Believe or not?

    It is always observed that in this male dominated world every women will believe in this concept called “Male hubris, female humility”. For the people who could not understand the meaning of this line, let me explain you with some examples.There was a study carried out in different countries including America, British, in Japan where students estimated their own multiple IQ scores and that of their parents (mothers and fathers) and their siblings. It was observed that in all countries, male participants always rated their overall IQ and......

  • How Sex life actually Help?

    How Sex life actually Help?

    Sex is something which is very personal and nobody likes to share about their sex life to others so easily. We know the situation becomes so embarrassing when it comes to discussion about ones sexual life. But do we know there are number of health benefits associated with having regular sex and therefore we need to talk about it and share the valuable information with others. Some of the health benefits related to sexual life are as follows:Improves immunityStudies have shown regular sex causes increase in levels of immunoglobulin’s in body,....


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