Reasons for sexual problems in women


A sexual problem is that condition which keeps you away from having any kind of relation with your partner. Most women experience this type of problem at one or other time in their life. And in some phases of their life, it is consider normal such as during pregnancy or a mother with newly born baby or an exhausted mother who runs behind her small kid all the day. In such situation it obvious to have less sex desire than others. Similar the symptoms of sexual problems also varies from women to women as in some there may be more and start bothering your family life where in some they may be very less and temporary, where in such cases you don’t have to worry. But if it continues on daily basis, then it’s time to talk to your concern doctor or health expert. And remember men too can have such problems in their life just like women.

Some of the major reasons for sexual problems are:

Women are usually very emotional and even small drift in their relationship or emotional life can cause less desire for sex.

Other reasons are anxiety, depression, stress, tiredness or memory of some unhappy situation in their life.

Hormonal imbalance due to irregular periods or during pregnancy.

Pain or injury in any part of the body, especially genital organs.

Sometimes certain illness such as diabetes or arthritis also lead to sexual problems.

Aging which causes changes in their hormones and in genital parts too.

In some cases, certain strong drugs or medications such as anti-depressants, drugs for blood pressure, or for any sexual related problems can affect sexual life too.

Depending on these causes, the symptoms also varies from person to person. Some are the main symptoms observed in women during sexual problems are:

Less desire for sex or any relation with their partner

Irritation and frustration

Depression and mood swings

Having pain in private parts or during intercourse

Sometimes these symptoms can be temporary and with change in lifestyle condition, you may restore your happy sexual life. But if this continues for long period of time, then it’s a right time to consult to your doctor where your doctor or health care advisor may ask you following questions.

Most common questions asked would be:

Are you suffering from any illness?

Do you take any medicine or drugs related to other diseases?

Are you stressed out in your daily life?

Do you share caring and respectful relation with your partner?

Do you have any kind of pain in your private parts?

After getting the answers for these questions, your physician may examine you and may highlight you what are the main causes for sexual problems in your life. I know it’s hard or sometimes embarrassing to talk to your doctor about this type of problem, but you need to stay strong and positive and talk to your health experts freely to tackle such problems in your life to make your marriage or relation happy and strong.



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