Quick tips for remedies to constipation in Kids


Constipation happens due various known and un-known reason including un-healthy living or eating. Hence, In today's busy life and schedule we do not follow strict diet chart or rule hence get in to trap of constipation. Generally / commenly constipation happened due to oily food or very high spicy food. Constipation can be cured / treated through home made remedies and they are:

1). Well-rounded, high-fiber diet leads to good digestive health.

2). Supplement pain corn bread mix with fresh sweet corn kernels and wheat bran that improves nutritional content of your breakfast meal.

3). Excess intake of low fiber diets, high-protein rich and low carbohydrate diet should be curtailed and limited to levels (as recommended by your dietician) to remove constipation.

4). A gradual increase in dietary fiber to levels 30 - 35 grams of fiber is recommended for effective digestive health.

5). Increasing fluid fruit juices (without sugar additives) and water intake to 1.5L per day cures constipation.

6). Eating a bowl of sprouted legumes at start of day reduces constipation.

7). Caffeine acts as stimulant to your digestive health.  Having a cup of coffee at the start of you the day or exercise routine reduces constipation.

8). Drinking a cup of warm water containing a teaspoon of lemon juice per day reduces chances of constipation.

9). Eating a teaspoon of pysallium husk in empty stomach condition in the morning improves digestion.

10). Add dietary fiber food to your diet that includes apple, apricots, beans, berries, broccoli, plums, pears and nuts.

11). Exercise more to improve your digestive health.
12). Drink two teaspoons of pure aloe vera gel in morning.  Mix two tablespoons of pure aloe gel with fruit juice and drink in empty stomach fasting condition.   Alternatively drink one cup of aloe vera juice to reduce constipation.

13). Eat a cup of yogurt with breakfast, and with snacks during the course of day to reduce constipation.

14). Add barley to your diet, this relieves constipation.

15). Eat 6 ounces of grain products each day -- cereals (whole-wheat bread and whole-grain cereal), starchy vegetables (corn, green peas) to improve digestive health.

16). Many medications cause constipation. Blood pressure medications Calcium-channel & blockers beta blockers, antidepressants, pain medications and antihistamines (to a lesser degree) cause constipation.  Antacids containing calcium or aluminum are binding, causing constipation.  Antacids containing magnesium tend not to cause constipation. Consult your physician on these affects to take medicine that covers this aspect.

## Above points are vary from situation to situation and physical health. It also differs or/and depend upon different body type and other factors. Hence, any of these points can be followed by understanding the effect to your body. We strongly recommed that one should follow any of these steps under supervision of family or Doctor.



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