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  • 8 tips to take good care in Pregnancy

    8 tips to take good care in Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is the right time to start taking really good care of mother and fetus. Here are 8 important tips for every pregnant woman to take good care of themselves and their unborn baby.  Preconception check up – This is a medical procedure for mother before pregnancy to make sure that she is healthy and ready for pregnancy. This will avoid any kind of complications to occur in future.  Incorporate healthy, balanced diet – Eating healthy food and balanced diet will make both mother and baby healthy. A balance diet...

  • Late night work increase the fertility Risk in Women

    Late night work increase the fertility Risk in Women

    Sleep is very important for every human being for proper rest for their body and as well for their brain after a hectic day schedule. But do you know sleeping is complete darkness really helps than in some dim of light, and especially for pregnant women and who are planning to conceive? Women who are planning for a baby should avoid staying awake late at nights, health experts suggest. The reason lies in the functioning of an important hormone in their body known as melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by pineal gland located in......

  • Ectopic pregnancy

    Ectopic pregnancy

    There are number of complication which occurs during pregnancy, where instead of celebrating the happiness of pregnancy, situation become tense and dangerous. One of such situation in pregnancy is known as Ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg implants itself outside the womb, mostly in one of the fallopian tube.Just to understand properly about this complication, let understand what happens in normal pregnancy.In normal pregnancy, ovary releases egg into the fallopian tube. If the sperm fertilize the egg when it......

  • Stay Safe: Pregnancy Precaution

    Stay Safe: Pregnancy Precaution

    During pregnancy, there are huge number of reasons which led to miscarriages and we all should be alert from those reasons. A pregnant women should be aware of those reasons and also be known to the precaution she should take during those reason. Although miscarriages usually can't be prevented butthere are number of steps that we can take to secure the life of new member coming in the world along with the mother.Pregnant women can take precautions to increase your chances of having a healthypregnancy:-Maintain a properdiet with plenty of......


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