Osteoporosis: Tips and precautions


Osteoporosis is a disease of a bone which makes bone weak and brittle. This condition arises when your body make less bone or you tend to lose more bone mass. Anyone can develop osteoporosis but it is more predominant in older people, especially in women. Along with medication, one need to take some important precautions in daily life to prevent further damage or fracture to bone and stay happy. Here are the tips for the patients suffering from osteoporosis should follow:

Exercise regularly

People with bone problems have a misconception thinking exercise will increase their pain. But health experts always advice to participate in low activity exercises like walking, biking which will improve overall bone strength, flexibility and balance. This is better and healthy choice than remaining still at one place.

Watch your steps

It is very important to watch your every step you take, especially when you step out. If a sideways looks slippery, try to walk on grass or take some firm support. Avoid walking on uneven surfaces which might increase your chances of accidents falls. Secondly you need to take similar precaution in house too. Avoid walking on polished marble and slippery floors mainly in bathrooms. Try to stay more on carpets whenever possible.

Use proper shoes

Walking barefoot or in socks can also increase your chances of falls so try to make a habit of using shoes even in indoors. Another important precaution while choosing shoes, opt for those having low heels and slip resistant soles. Use only those shoes which fits you properly and replace those slippers especially in bathroom areas and slippery areas which are stretched out and gotten loose.

Go slow in your daily routine

It’s fine to take up your own time while getting up from bed or from chair which will protect you from getting hurt. Don’t be in hurry to complete your work when you have bone related problems, because bone specialist says more accidents occurs when you are in hurry and rush. And another important tip, if you are not comfortable taking elevators, use lifts for safety.

Use safety devices

If you have to use a step stool, use a sturdy one with handrail. Try to also mount handrails on both sides of your home stairs. Use grab bars and rubber mats in slippery areas and bathrooms as most accidents occurs in such places where you lose your grip.

Keep things bright and visible

As old people also suffer from vision problem, try to keep your room bright and obstacle free. Install light switches very close and in reachable zone so that you don’t have to struggle. Keep curtains open in a day for complete day light and use dim nightlights especially in older people room for better visibility at night.

Consider changing classes

Bifocals sometimes make harder to see if proper ones are not use which again increase the chances of accidents. See your eye doctor regularly to keep your eyesight clean and clear.

Learn how to fall

In case accidentally if you fall, be smart and active and know how to fall which will prevent your chances of getting hurt more. Remember it is better to roll than fall. And if you slept by mistake, be active and take a hold of something immediately to keep your balance. And most importantly avoid to fall on your hip or knee where your bone problem is more.

Hence by taking care of these simple but effective tips in your daily life will prevent you from increasing your symptoms of osteoporosis.



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