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  •  Foods that cause Heartburn

    Foods that cause Heartburn

    Heartburn is a condition when you feel burning sensation and discomfort from your chest area up to throat. This happens when stomach acid refluxes and flows through a esophageal value which irritates the esophagus more. Certain food are believed to cause this conditions which triggers heartburn and discomfort in that area. Fatty foods: High fat food take longer time to digest in stomach and hence tend to stay for longer period which are responsible to cause major heart burn problems. Therefore if you having major portion of high fatty foods....

  • Superfood for your bones

    Superfood for your bones

    Have you ever notice, many people complaining about bones related problems once they hit 30s. Yes, this is the fact that as we grow older, our bones tends to lose their density and strength and become brittle and weak. There are number of treatments involved now a days to take care of your bones where healthy and well balanced diet plays a very crucial role. Do you know there are some foods which cause magical effect on bones making them stronger and healthier and hence such food are referred as “superfoods”? Here is the list of......

  •  Drug interactions with fruits

    Drug interactions with fruits

    Drug interaction with natural components which are present in fruits is a major concern for both patients as well as for doctors in recent years. Studies have shown that there are number of fruits mainly in citrus family which interact with medicines causing harmful effects on patient’s body.Drug interaction can be defined as a condition when a substance interact with a specific drug affecting the overall activity of drug when it comes in contact with it. In such situation, the activity of drug can be either increased or decreased by the......


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