Myths and facts: About Your Bones


There are number of myths about the bones and their functioning. Let's have a closer look and agther some interesting facts about our bones.

Small babies have more bones than adults:

True: Babies possess more bones than adults because when they are born, they have 300 bobnes, where adults possess 206. The number of bones decreases in adulthood because as the baby grows , some the bones in body fuse together. And as the infants bones are soft and flexible and made of tender tissues like cartilage which are slowly replaced by hard bones as the baby developes and grows into adult.

Bones stop growing after late 20s:

True: Bones tend to stop growing when you reach in late 20s, buth they keep changing slowly. Because as you grow older, bones lose density and become thinner and thinner and hence more prone to fractures. Therefore health experts always advice to keep them healthy by incorporating calcium and vitamin D rich foods in diet along with good amount of exercise.

Bones does not make red and white blood cells:

False: Bones have different types of vital funtions to carry out in body. They promote good body stucture and help us to move from one distance to other. They also protect our internal oragns from damage like skull bone protects your brain and ribs gives support and protection to heart, lungs, and liver. Our bone alos makes red and white blood cells which carries nutrients and oxygen to different organs and tissues in body. And white blood cells are very important at they fight against number of infections and foriegn particles, thus protecting body from diseases.

Your big toe has fewer bones than other toes:

True: all toes except big toe has three tiny bones , but big toe has only two. Similarly all fingers also has three bones except thumbs which has two

Smallest bone is your finger bone

False: A tiny bone known as stirrup is present behind the eardrum is the smallest bone in your body. It is around 2.5 to 3.3mm long only. Wheras the longest and strongest bone is femur which goes from pelvis to your knee.

Smoking is dangerous to bones too:

True: As we know, smoking affects each and every part of out body such as heart, lungs and overall immune system. Smoking has dangerous effects on bones too. This is because studies have proved, nicotine and other harmful chemicals present in cigarettes act as hinder in absorbtion of calcium that is essential for proper development and growth of bones. They are also believed to lower the concentration of vitamin D in body that helps in absorption of calcium. Therefore it is suggested that smoking can lead to various bones related problems such as osteoporosis.



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