Most Embarrassing Beauty and Body Problems


Some time there are simple bad habits and body problems which if not taken care can put you in awkward situation in public, hurting your self-esteem. Here I am listing some problems in daily life and how to tackle them.

Having a Unibrow- Some of us develop an excess growth of hairs between the eyebrows which is one of the most embarrassing moments, especially for young girls in colleges or at work place. Therefore it becomes a routine visit to parlour to clean up these extra hairs on face which spoils the beauty. And you can also opt for permanent solution such as laser hair removal and electrolysis method to get rid of them.

Having Cellulite- Cellulite is nothing but a layer of fat deposited under the skin which is another very common problems mostly among females. A pinch on especially thigh muscle will show those extra fat as lumpy skin. The best way to reduce this type of skin problem is to do indulge in regular exercise to make those muscles firm and tight so that they are less visible. And some creams are also available in market to reduce cellulite problem.

Turning hairs into white – If you are young and your hairs are turning white, then there is surely a health related problem which could be thyroid or pigment disorder. And most of the time it is a genetic problem that means you have got it from your parents or grandparents. These are all signs of premature growth of hair cells and is a major and most embarrassing problems faced by many of us. Colouring of hair is a best remedy to get rid of such hairs.

Having a bad breath and dark teeth- Bad breath and discolouration of teeth’s can make you embarrassed in public which can happen if you don’t brush or floss your teeth regularly especially after eating food containing too much of garlic and onion. And discoloration of teeth’s mainly happens if you are much involved in drinking coffee, tea, dark sodas or red wine. A good toothpaste can help to get rid of both problems, and make a healthy habit of cleaning and flossing your teeth regularly after every meal. There could be other possible factors for bad breath such as gum diseases, heartburn, dry mouth or even sinus infection and you need to check with your doctor.

Hair loss- losing hair too early in life is become a common problem in both men and women and lifestyle changes and unhealthy habits are the major culprit for it. Other reasons are also involved such as thyroid problem, polycystic ovaries and use of certain medicines that can lead to premature loss of your hair. And women are mostly affected with this problem during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in body. The best way to solve this problem is use to consult your dermatologist and find the exact root of cause and its solution before It becomes too late.

Presence of cracks on feet – Cracks and cuts on heel happens due to the formation of calluses which are accumulation of dead dry skin cells. This happens when you don’t take proper care of your feet and make them exposed to harsh conditions where the heel tip become tough and dry. Such situation can make you awkward in public and you have to keep hiding your feet. Try some simple home remedies, like soaking your feet in warm water and brushing them softly to exfoliate the dead skin layer. Apply moisturiser before going to bed to soften your heels and make them beautiful.

Take care of your body and you will be never be in embarrassed situation because of it.



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