Mobile Addiction, How parent can check


Mobile phone is such a device that has changed our lives to a new, advanced form. Mobile phones initially played a vital role in making phone calls by connecting to a cellular network, text messaging and sending MMS. But with the passage of time, Mobile phones, in addition to telephony started providing a huge number of services which includes email, Internet access, short-range wireless communications (infrared, Bluetooth), business applications, gaming, and photography. Mobile phones that offer these and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smart phones.Today not only children but adults also are getting addicted to the mobile phones which creates problem most of the times. Inclination of mobile industry towards Smart phones is one of the major reasons responsible for Mobile Addiction. Other factors responsible for children getting addicted to mobile phones are:-

• Social Media- Increasing trend of socializing is one of the most important factors in making children addicted to mobile phones. Social media includes all form of social websites like Face book, Twitter etc; and various applications which are available in all the smart phones. 

• Status Symbol- Today everyone including children wants mobile phone which reflects the high status in addition to the basic operations that normal mobile phone does.

• Peer Group Influence- Mostly children get affected by their peer group by which they remain surrounded. There is normal tendency among humans that they will get most affected by their peer group.

• Changing pattern of Education- As medium of education has become more digitalized, children get more exposed to smart phones for accessing internet which will also lead to mobile addiction.This increasing mobile addiction leads to some extreme impacts such as Decreased productivity of an individual because of the mobile addiction. Real relationships also get affected due to much socialization. For ex- A child gets more connected to his face book’s friends as compared to his own parents. 

Moreover Children nowadays are seen to be not interested to the outdoor games and other curricular activities which might be the impact of increased inclination to the smart phones. This ever increasing mobile addiction needs to be checked before the condition becomes too worse to handle. In case of mobile addiction prevention is far better and moreover easy as compared to its cure.

Parents should take care to control their child getting addicted to mobile phones. Some of these actions are as follows:-

Prevention is better than Cure.

• Firstly parents should maintain their own attitude towards mobile phones as they are the one by whom child gets influenced a lot.

• Parents should make their child learn the value of relationships and schedule the time into various segments like family time during which they should not be allowed to use their smart phones.

• Parents should also make their child interested in various activities like outdoor games and other curricular activities which will lead to the personality development of their child and moreover will contribute to the improved health of their child.

• It is been generally found that pre-paid connection leads to controlled mobile usage and it will more easy for parents to control their child’s usage of mobile phones. 

So to conclude, parents should take preventive measures regarding controlling their child’s mobile usage from early age only because once a child gets addicted to mobile phone, it becomes very difficult to make him free from the addiction of mobile.



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