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In modern world, where technology is developing with such an extreme speed helps us to get all valuable information quickly and easily within seconds on our computer screen through internet. But increasing technology has also got number of problems associated with it, where child abuse through internet is become so devastating and dangerous. Internet which is so useful and important tool for our child to learn about new technologies and what’s going out there in world, can also cause harm if not used properly i.e. cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content or abuse by online predators are some examples of such misuses. Recently, it is proved through many cases that internet is mainly used by many people to exploit and abuse child without putting much effort where child gets easily victimized. Hence it is necessary for every parent to understand first what are the benefits and dangerous effects of this modern technology to have control over such incidents and protect their child from such exploitation.

Here are some important rules that will help to protect your child from internet abuse from such online predators. Please read them carefully and try to follow.

First of all, ask your internet provider to install parental controls which will prevent your child from surfing inappropriate sites or websites with sexual content.

Secondly, spend some time with your child to warn them about the dangers that internet can cause and what are the safety measures.

Try to prevent your child using internet in private or try to have access to their computers.

Keep a check if your child is using webcam and for what purpose.

Take some interest to find who their online friends are and what they chat about.

Make sure they do not arrange any secret meetings with their online friends in private.

And if your child is using cyber café internet outside, teach them about the cyber safety tips.

Help your child to understand that you are not hindering in their privacy, but helping and protecting them from internet exploitation or any abuse.

And incase if your child experience any of such exploitation or abuse from online predators, try to support them completely and help them to get out from situation.

Child exploitation can be traumatic and dangerous too which can affect your child both physically and mentally. And through studies it has been proved that child sex offenders regularly use internet, especially chat sites and secret chat rooms to gain access to children. So, please take necessary actions and precautions on time so that your child stay happy, safe and can make use of this useful tool (internet) wisely.

Use Internet wisely…Stay safe!!!!



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