How to Beat the Heat: Summer Cautions


Scorching summer heat and rising summer temperatures can take you off-guard and disrupt your planned activities.   

1). High day temperatures and excessive sweating can lead to dehydration. Drink 10-12 glasses of water per day for re-hydration of body.  Dehydration manifests as giddiness, fatigue and stomach pain with complications such as hypertension.

2). Urinary tract infection in children and adult result from dehydration as un-sufficient water uptake leads to urinary infection.   

3). There are higher incidents of chicken-pox and dengue as high temperature conditions facilities the spread of these diseases. Preventive vaccination for chicken pox is suggested for children.

4). Water-borne infections like typhoid (Salmonella typhi) and Jaundice (Hepatitis A) are rampant in summer season. Water consumption should be from water purifier or water filters installed at your home.

5). Heat exhaustion can occur after sun exposure or due to insufficient fluid intake after persistent sun exposure. Symptoms include heavy sweating, dizziness paleness, headache, weakness, muscle cramps, tiredness, fainting and nausea or vomiting.  Stay indoors in day’s high temperature and if required, complete the task in low temperature morning or evening hours.

6). Excessive sun exposure can lead to Heat Stroke where body temperatures can reach above 104 degrees with signs red, hot and dry skin, increased pulse rate, confusion, dizziness, headache, nausea, and unconsciousness.

7). Maintain body hygiene by washing your feet and face.

8). Eat less spicy food in summers that improves digestion and relives your stomach.

9). Eat seasonal fruits like banana, orange, water melon, papaya, mango in small amounts to improve body’s immune system.

10). Increase your fluid intake in summers by including butte-milk, fruit juices, water-melon, coconut water as these fruits cool down body temperature and restores hydration.

11). Increase uptake of radish, cucumber and tomato in your diet as these improve the moisture levels in the skin.

12). Get your child vaccinated against chicken pox and mumps (MMR vaccine).

13). Use sunglasses and anti-glare glasses to avoid sun-rays reaching your eyes.

14). Taking bath twice a day is recommended to beat summer heat.

15). Avoid exercise and intense physical activity in peak day temperature.

16). Wear light colored breathable cloths.



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