How Sex life actually Help?


Sex is something which is very personal and nobody likes to share about their sex life to others so easily. We know the situation becomes so embarrassing when it comes to discussion about ones sexual life. But do we know there are number of health benefits associated with having regular sex and therefore we need to talk about it and share the valuable information with others. Some of the health benefits related to sexual life are as follows:

Improves immunity

Studies have shown regular sex causes increase in levels of immunoglobulin’s in body, especially immunoglobulin A (IgA). IgA immune system is the body’s first line of defense which helps to fight against foreign particle and toxins entering the body and thus protecting your body from illness like cough, cold, fever etc.

Improves cardiovascular health

People who have regular sexual activity was found to be associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease,stroke and other heart disease. It was shown that such activities leads to increase in hormone levels like estrogen and testosterone which in turn improves the heart health.

Reduces stress and pain

It is seen, during sexual activity body releases the hormones called as oxytocin. Increase level of oxytocin, decreases the pain and stress level in the body.  It is also believed that regular sex leads to decrease in blood pressure too.

Increase blood circulation

As the heart beat increase during sexual activity, blood starts flowing faster to different parts of organs supplying fresh oxygen to them, removing toxins from cells and thus overall improving organs functioning.

Improves sleep

Oxytocin, the love hormone released during sexual activity is also believed to be associated in promoting better sleep. Getting a good sleep will make you more alert and healthy.

Improves bladder control in women

Intercourse helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles in women which helps to control bladder and avoid incontinence.This is otherwise mainly achieved my following certain postures in yoga and other muscles activities in gym.

Help to reduce prostate cancer

Researchers have shown activities involved during intercourse helps to reduce the prostate cancer in women who prefer to have regular sex at certain extent compared to those having less number of times.

Increase intimacy and improves relationship

Having sex and orgasms results in release of love hormones known as oxytocin, which in turn increases the intimacy and bond between the partners thus building a better trust and relationship.

Boost libido power

As the sexual activities leads to the production of sexual hormones like testosterone in man and estrogen in women, it helps to boost libido power.

Improves overall fitness

Regular sex helps to improve your overall fitness just like other activities in gym or yoga by burning some amount of calories. As mentioned in above points as it improves cardiovascular health, blood circulation, improves functioning of various organs, strengthens muscles and decreases stress it results in improving the overall health of human body.

Therefore having regular sex is not only associated with having love or fun, but it’s much more than that. A healthy sex life is a key part of a healthy lifestyle as it is linked with improved sleep, intimacy and overall boosting health of a body. So let’s spread this important information to others.

Don’t be embarrassed…let’s talk about it!



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