How important it is to take care of your Nails?


Every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive. But in today’s busy world, it is so difficult to find time for ourselves just to go to parlors or salon. However we can definitely take out some time to follow simple tips to take care of our body parts like hair, skin, nails etc. at home itself. Today will concentrate on “How important it is to take care of our nails” and what are simple tips to follow?

Nails are very important part of your body as they protect your fingers and skin. On the other hand I would say, they are most important because they are constantly visible to others and exposed to dirt, pollution and infection. So they need lot of hygienic care to keep them away from all types of infection and injuries.

Nail care refers to proper maintenance of fingernails and toenails. Nail care may include processes like cleaning of nails, trimming, applying moisturizer, nail paint etc.

Some of the simple tips to follow are:

Keep your fingernails clean and dry to avoid from bacterial and fungal infection. Try to wear rubber gloves when working with harsh chemicals which can damage your skin and nails.

Regularly trim and file your fingernails using manicure scissors or clipper. It might be easier to trim them when they are soft such as after bathing.

Do not bite your fingernails or remove cuticle as it can severely damage your nails and skin causing infection.

Use moisturizer very often because moisturizing the nails can prevent nails from becoming brittle and breaking or cracking.

Apply thin coat of good nail polish to keep nails moisturize and attractive. And limit the use of nail polish remover quite often.

Do not use nails as tools such as opening pop cans.

When toe nails are thick and difficult to cut soak them in warm salt water for 5-10 mins to make them soft and easy to cut.

Wear proper footwear especially when exposed to water to prevent toenails from getting any fungal infection.

And any case if you see any kind of infection, bleeding or discoloration in your nails, consult your dermatologist immediately because these can be signs of some serious skin infections.

Bottom line of this article is that “Nails reflect overall health of a person so try to keep them clean healthy and attractive”.



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