How important is your Breakfast


                                         How important is your breakfast

Definition of breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day taken early morning once you get up from sleep and mostly taken before you start your work schedule. The word literally means breaking the fasting period of the prior night. After a good sleep of seven or eight hours, your body and brain needs energy to prepare for various activities planned for the day. Nutritionist advice breakfast should be eaten within two hours after waking up and apart from being good source of energy, it should also provide important nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamins, proteins and fibre.

Importance of breakfast

Breakfast provides good energy to your body in morning to start up for all activities. Proper breakfast can help you to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes. It also helps you to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Eating a good breakfast early in morning will make you satisfied and thus preventing you eating from less nutritious food or overeating later in the day. Therefore breakfast skipping is bad for health and mind. Studies have shown that breakfast skippers are likely to have problems with concentration, metabolism, weight and cardiac health. It also equally to choose a proper and balanced breakfast to boost your energy level.

Choosing a healthy breakfast

It is advisable to decide what you should include in your breakfast at night to prevent wasting of time early in morning. Breakfast foods vary from place to place and from individual to individual. For balanced breakfast you should include good source of carbohydrate and protein source to supply high level of energy. Carbohydrates source can include whole grains and fruits. Avoid eating high sugar refined cereals which can increase your calories and sugar. Protein packed breakfast helps to build muscle power to do work for full day.  Fresh fruit smoothies with protein powder provides high energy and high protein power and is a very good option to start your day. A bowl of oatmeal topped with fruits (apple, banana, grapes) and dry fruits is a rich source of carbohydrates and protein. It is also important to include various fruits, fruit juices and fruit smoothies in your breakfast to give good fibre content for healthy digestion. They are also rich source of vitamins and minerals. You can also get proteins from egg, dairy products, meat,fish, beans and pulses. Scrambled eggs with beans and brown bread toast is an ideal breakfast for egg lovers. Fat are also rich source of energy and also insulates body by maintaining body temperature but it is advisable to avoid high fat intake as it can lead to heart problems. Low fat milk, yogurt and cheese provide good source of calcium to body. It very important to hydrate your body by drinking water, fruit juices, and milk shakes for proper intake of fluid that aids in healthy digestion. It is also crucial to remember individual health history to include salt, sugar, oil etc. in your breakfast meal such as diabetic patients should avoid including of sugar in their breakfast to control their sugar level in body.



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