How does hormones affect sex timings in men and women?


Studies have shown that the preference for sex timings differ in men and women. Where men feels sexiest best when he wakes up in morning, women prefer sex at night.

And this is a common problem that every couple faces during their sexual relationship with their partner. The answer for this question lies totally in the difference in sex hormones that are present in men and women.

Male sex hormones are known as Androgens. The main androgen found in man is called Testosterone and additional hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone. This androgens are responsible for growth and development of male sex organs and their sexual characteristics. Testosterone hormone is found in both women and men, but more in men and therefore also known as “male hormone”.

Men produces around 6-8mg of the hormone where women are reported to produce around 0.5mg of testosterone. Researchers also says that testosterone level is high in men at early morning, that is around 25% to 50% more than any other time in a day. Studies have shown that, this is basically because of the activity of pituitary gland in brain.

The pituitary gland which is responsible for production of sex hormone (testosterone) gets activated during night and therefore the hormone levels steadily rises. It is also observed that more and longer the men sleeps, there is higher increase in levels of testosterone. Women also makes testosterone (major sex driven hormone), but in smaller amount as compared to men.

Whereas in women, production of sex hormones known as Estrogens depends on their menstrual cycle. Estrogen are the major sex hormones in women that are primarily produced by female ovaries.

This hormone is responsible for growth and development of female sex organs, sexual characteristics and regulation of menstrual cycle. And it is observed that these hormones rise and fall over the period of monthly cycle than through the course of the day.

Along with estrogen hormone, testosterone also plays important role in woman’s sex drive. Studies have shown that the production of testosterone hormone in women is 30 times higher at the mid cycle of their monthly period as compared to beginning.

Researches have proved through their studies, as the evening approaches, man’s testosterone hormone starts decreasing which is also affected by stress hormones which are produced during the day. It is also observed that as this hormone is at low level in evening in men, it starts increasing in women where it reaches to peak during night, thus making women to want more sex at night.

Hence next time if you find the difference in preference in sex timings from your partner, blame it on your sex hormones.



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