Heat Disease


  • UV Radiation Stress | Treatment and preventive steps

    UV Radiation Stress | Treatment and preventive steps

    Ultraviolet (UV) rays are a part of sunlight that is an invisible form of radiation. UV rays can penetrate into skin and change the structure of skin cells. There are three types of UV rays namely--ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), and ultraviolet C (UVC). UVA is the most prominent source of solar radiation at the earth's surface and penetrates beyond the top layer of human skin. Scientists believe that UVA radiation can cause damage to connective tissue (cartilage, bone, ligament, cartilage) and increase a person's risk for......

  • Know different type of Heat Disease

    Know different type of Heat Disease

    Homo-static involves regulating the body’s normal temperature through evaporation of sweat. In highly humid conditions such as air temperature above 95 F, the sweat does not evaporate as quickly since the cooling mechanism becomes less effective. Dehydration occurs due to less fluid intake, excessive fluid losses and electrolyte imbalances at higher levels of relative humidity. This high body temperature can potentially cause brain damage and damage to body’s internal organs. Heat related illness may occur as a result of heat......


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