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  • Heart Attack: cause, symptoms and prevention

    Heart Attack: cause, symptoms and prevention

    What is a Heart attack? A heart attacks happens in a person when the normal blood flow to heart is suddenly stopped or reduced due to some reasons. Since the main function of blood is to supply oxygen to heart, due to decrease in flow of blood to heart, oxygen supply is also reduced. And hence due to less oxygen, heart muscles either are damaged or destroyed. Main Cause of heart attack The main cause of heart attack is the accumulation of cholesterol or fatty substances known as plaque in the arteries which supply blood to heart. These...

  • Myths and facts: About Your Bones

    Myths and facts: About Your Bones

    There are number of myths about the bones and their functioning. Let's have a closer look and agther some interesting facts about our bones. Small babies have more bones than adults: True: Babies possess more bones than adults because when they are born, they have 300 bobnes, where adults possess 206. The number of bones decreases in adulthood because as the baby grows , some the bones in body fuse together. And as the infants bones are soft and flexible and made of tender tissues like cartilage which are slowly replaced by hard bones...

  •  7 Causes of Night Sweats

    7 Causes of Night Sweats

    You may experience a common problem called as night sweats many times, for which you may have even visited doctors. But it is important to know whether this night sweat problem is normal or abnormal condition. Because if you are wearing too much of bedclothes or warm clothes and your bedroom temperature is already high, then experience night sweats is common and normal condition. But if you are experiencing severe hot flashes at night even after taking care of other conditions which makes you totally drenched with sweats, then it is a health......

  • What makes Ginger a powerful herbal medicine?

    What makes Ginger a powerful herbal medicine?

    Ginger is a perennial plant belongs to family of Zingiberaceae and mostly grown in tropical countries (United State, China and India) is a well-known herb from ancient times. Scientifically, ginger is known as Zingiber officinale, bearing green to purple flowers and aromatic root also referred as rhizome. The rhizome or ginger root is usually fibrous in structure with yellow or light pink in color. Whereas the skin of ginger root is brownish which can be soft or hard depending on its harvesting time. Uses of ginger root The ginger root is...

  • Stay sharp and focused as you grow older

    Stay sharp and focused as you grow older

    Staying sharp and fully focused is as important as staying healthy and fit as you grow older. And this could be achieved by taking care of your diet, exercise, health problems and your habits. Here are some tips for you to follow if you want to stay focused as you age. Eating healthy fat As we all know saturated fats are bad for our health where they can damage our heart and arteries, causing number of heart related problems. But researchers have found they can even harm our concentration, focus and memory power, hence should be avoided.....

  • Foods that affect your sleep at night

    Foods that affect your sleep at night

    We know food is very important part of our life to keep us healthy and energetic. But do you know some foods can hinder your sleep at night, and hence need to be avoided. Try to pick the right food before going to bed to give you best sleep at night. Here are some tips regarding which food to eat and which to avoid before going to bed. Include tryptophan rich foods before sleeping as tryptophan which is an amino acid possess sleep promoting properties. That’s why drinking a glass of warm milk always found to be beneficial in promoting....


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