Green Tea Vs Aloe Vera Juice


Today everybody is health conscious. They do anything to keep themselves healthy and fit. But this is also a fact that the number of diseases are increasing these days, as compared to past. If you see a child of 10 years you will find that even he is suffering from some disease. Any kind of infection or disease spreads too quickly these days. The reason for this is the poor immune system. And to improve this you should have complete Diet Knowledge and a proper Diet Plan to follow. The most common diet people intake is Green Tea and sometimes Aloe Vera Juice also. It’s the ideology that Green Tea and Aloe Vera Juice are the best remedies for curing any disease or to remain free from diseases.

Green tea is made from the leaves from Camellia Sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing whereas Aloe Vera Juice is extracted from the Aloe Vera Plant. Aloe Vera leaves contain phytochemicals. Both Green Tea as well as Aloe Vera Juice can be prepared at home also. Except fruits there is no such food that can cure you from any disease. 

No doubt, Green Tea has been used as medicine for hundreds of years. Some benefits of drinking Green Tea are-

1.Reduces weight

2.Prevents diabetes

3.Cures heart diseases

4.Reduces the risk of any kind of cancer

5.Reduces cholesterol

6.Mainly used for skincare

7.Manages Blood Pressure

Moreover Aloe Vera is also essential in the following ways-

1.Is high in vitamins and minerals

2.Full of proteins

3.Helps to adapt to external changes and resist illness

4.Helps with digestion

5.Helps in detoxification

6.Great for skin

7.Improves cardiovascular health 

You would be curious to know now what next? Next, are their disadvantages or I should say their side effects. Yes, excess intake of any food, juice or medicine harms us. Excessive consumption of Green Tea leads to restlessness, difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, increased heart rate, upset stomach. Green Tea should also be avoided during pregnancy and it can also cause reaction when it interacts with certain medications. Whereas, Aloe Vera Juice can cause allergic reactions, imbalances blood, increase the risk of colorectal cancer, lower sugar levels, causes dehydration and reddish urine.

In fact, you should drink your juice slowly and enjoy the taste, don’t gulp it down. Drink only as much your body can take at any one time, comfortably. Listen to your body; it will let you know it wants more.  It’s very important to know that how Green Tea and Aloe Vera Juice can be harmful. Hope you will keep in mind that excessive intake of Green Tea as well as Aloe Vera Juice should be avoided. People also ask that- does water intake include tea or juice. The answer is no. For the purpose of hydrating your body, yes tea and juice count. But Water is water only. Everything else is extra. Anything with caffeine is a diuretic and does not count and juice is full of sugar. To get 8 glasses, drink two as soon as you wake up when you’re most thirsty, 6 through the course of the day is easy. 

Hence everything is essential but to be taken in right quantity is more essential! 



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