Generalized Anxiety Disorder


In today’s busy and stressful world, it’s become very common and natural to worry and feel stressed which could be due to your professional life, health or personal problems. But what if you keep worrying about the smallest thing happening around you, it would make your life miserable and unhappy. There are some people who keeps worrying and get tensed for smallest things happening which are not so important to worry and if such anxiety and tension last for six months or more than, such disorders are referred as Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This type of illness affect about seven million people in U.S. This illness can affect anyone of any age, but mostly seen in women than in men (almost two times more in women than in man).

Symptoms related to Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The main symptoms include anxiety, feeling stressed out and tensed which could increase with the time. In Generalized anxiety disorder, you may start worrying about smallest issues in life such as bills, relationship or small problems with health. Sometimes the stress is so much that you may also forget about even the reason for which you were worrying. This constant worrying and anxiety can hamper your sleep and food intake making you weak and unhealthy. Some people with time get more irritated and lose the concept of thinking straight forward and think more negative. Other physical symptoms associated with Generalized Anxiety Disorder are as follows:

Headache and severe cases migraine

Nausea, and sometimes even diarrhoea symptoms

Trembling in hands and legs

Muscle tension and pain

And as such people keep worrying every second, they can’t relax properly, eat or sleep properly which in turn interfere with their professional and personal life, which makes them stressed more. In advance condition they develop depression, alcoholism or drug addiction and hence need to be treated on time.

Causes of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

There is no actual cause for this type of disorder and hence is purely detected in patient based on their symptoms. Scientist says the main reason for Generalized Anxiety Disorder could be hereditary (genes obtained from your family), environmental conditions and psychological factors.

Psychotherapy: Effective treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

One most important psychotherapy used in treatment of this disorder is cognitive behavioural therapy of CBT. In this therapy, your psychotherapist or counsellor helps to identify the reasons for getting stresses and try to remove negative thoughts occurring in your mind. This therapy include some kind of homework given by your doctors which helps you to put down your points on paper that lead to excess worry, accompanied by some calming or relaxing sessions. Patients usually feel better with time in three to four months and if not, some medications are prescribed in advance condition to relax the brain such as anti-depressants drugs.

Bottom line is that, whatever may be the reasons to worry, the best treatment is the self-care which include taking proper care and relaxation through yoga or meditation. You need to eat healthy and well balanced food to keep you calm and energetic. Avoid too much of caffeine and other drugs which can boost your anxiety level high. Try to involve in some kind of physical activity to relax and calm your body. And just to conclude, just remove those negative thoughts hindering your life, and think positive and healthy.



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