Foods that affect your sleep at night


We know food is very important part of our life to keep us healthy and energetic. But do you know some foods can hinder your sleep at night, and hence need to be avoided. Try to pick the right food before going to bed to give you best sleep at night. Here are some tips regarding which food to eat and which to avoid before going to bed.

Include tryptophan rich foods before sleeping as tryptophan which is an amino acid possess sleep promoting properties. That’s why drinking a glass of warm milk always found to be beneficial in promoting sleep. Other foods that contain tryptophan are nuts, bananas, honey and eggs.

It is also found that some carbohydrates food can complement dairy products in inducing tryptophan in blood which in turn helps in getting good sleep at night. And hence a bowl of cereal and milk, yogurt and crackers or bread and cheese can have positive effect in inducing sleep.

And in the case if you suffer from problem such as insomnia, a little food in your stomach can help you sleep better and hence could be better idea to eat some snacks at night. But heavy meal is not advisable as our digestive system becomes slow during night and therefore too much food in stomach can make you uncomfortable.

Avoid high –fat and fried foods such as burgers and fries at night, as they not only contribute in putting weight on your body but can disrupt your sleep at night too, due to indigestion and frequent trips to bathrooms.

Drinking coffee, tea, cola is the worst idea at night if you want to have peaceful sleep as moderate amount of caffeine can cause sleep disturbances. Therefore cut down on caffeine products at least four to six hours before bedtime.

Some medicines and drugs such as pain killers, weight loss pills diuretics and cold medicines can also cause sleep disturbance or insomnia problem as they too can contain caffeine in them. Therefore talk to your doctor before taking them at night.

Another bad habit is to drink alcohol at night which might help you to sleep better initially but later at night you might experience frequent awakenings, less restful sleep, headaches, night sweats and nightmares. And if you consumed alcohol before bedtime, it is advisable to balance it by drinking good amount of water to dilute its effect.  But the best is to avoid completely drinking alcohol atleast 4 to 6 hours before going to sleep.

Try to avoid heavy spicy food as this can lead to stomach upset, heart burn and thus discomfort in sleep.

Similarly avoid eating heavy protein rich food in dinner as they are hard to digest. As proteins are very essential for body growth and development, try to opt them in breakfast and lunch where they can be easily digested during day time.

And it is always said, keeping body hydrated by drinking plenty of water is very important for health. But drinking too much of water just before going to bed can disturb your sleep as it can lead to frequent  visits to your bathroom. Hence just keep a check on your water intake before going to bed.

Hence try to change your lifestyles to get better and deeper sleep which will make you smart and energetic during your day time.



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