Find 6 Health Benefits of water


Whatever it may be, a healthier body, shiny skin,or slim and tone body, drinking adequate amount of water always helps. Water has wonderful various effects on body but some of the major and important health benefits, a person can accomplished by drinking plenty of water are as follows:

1) Loose weight: drinking water has surprising effects in losing weight of body. this is because intake of more water in body increases metabolism thus helping in burning more calories. This benefits of losing weight increases if you have glass of icy cold water as your body works more to warm up which in turn results in burning more calories. Drinnking more water also makes you fell fuller thus preventing overeating. Hence health experts always adivice to replace calories filled other beverages, tea, coffes and sugary drinks with plain and fresh water.

2)  Boots your energy level: The adequate amount of water in body helps blood to transport more oxygen and essential other nutrients to all body cells and tissues, thus helping in their proper functioning and growth. Good amount of water is alos required for heart to pump blood effectivelt to different organs of body and functioning properly. Therefore dehydration or lack of fluid in body makes you feel tired and exhuated.Hence when you are drained and exhausted, have a glass of water to boost your energy level.

3) Helps to lower stress: Research have found around 70% to 80% of our brain is made up of water and hence when we get dehydrated, our body as well as our mind get stressed. Therefore health experts always suggest to keep a glass of water at your workplace or at your working desk to regain your energy. Try to keep sipping water in between, because reserchers says, when you are thirsty that means you are already dehydrated.

4) Bulid muscle: Studies have aslo proved that drinking good amount of water helps to prevent muscle cramping and also provides a kind of lubricants for joints. Thus water has another strong benefits where it helps to bulid and tone muscles too. Therefore it is adviced to drink water while exercising because when you are hydrated, you can exercise more.

5) Nourish your skin: Drinking water helps to hydrate skin cells and boost them with energy level which makes you feel younger and happy. The major effect of drinking water in rejuvinating skin cells is that it flushes out impurities from skin cells and also improves blood circulation and blood flow making your skin glow more. Therefore fine lines and wrinkles are seen more and grows deeper when your skin is dehydrated. Overall to say, water act as a nature's owm beauty cream for skin.

6) Improves digestion: Along with fibre, water also helps in proper digestion of food. Water helps to dissolve waste particles and toxins thus flushing them out of body. Secondly if your body is dehydrated, your body absorbs all the water leaving your colon dry making it more difficult for colon to pass waste.

Don't Medicate...Hydrate !!!



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