Eye Exercises to reduce Eye strain


In today’s modern world with increase in use of laptops and phones, every person experience eye problems such as blurred vision, itchiness of the eyes, teary eyes and headache on daily basis. Studies have shown these problems are mainly associated with computer users who strain their eyes by continuously looking at the screen. So for such people here are some simple exercise tips to reduce strain on their eyes.

Simple Exercises to reduce eye strain

Repeated blinking –Blinking is very important while working on computer or while watching TV. Studies have shown we tend to blink less while watching TV or computer screen which causes dryness in eyes. Blinking every 3-4 second is recommended to prevent dryness and irritation of eyes as it produces tears that moistens and refreshes the eyes.

Palming the eyes –This is achieved by slightly pressing the upper eye lids of both eyes with fingers and then releasing it. This exercise should be repeated 2-3 times for relaxing the eyes as it relieves the tension accumulated over your eyes.

Focus on the distant object – Focusing on distant object located about 6-10 metre away for few seconds without moving head will relax your ciliary muscles that are usually under lot of stress when we work on computers.

Take frequent breaks– while working continuously on computer, it is important to take frequent 5 mins breaks in between to relax not only your eyes but other muscles of the body like neck, shoulder and back.

Rolling your eyes– Rolling your eyes clockwise and then anticlockwise will give some kind of exercise to your eyes for relaxation and relieving the tension build over eyes. Rolling of eyes by tracing a big circle will increase good blood circulation around your eyes.

Focusing –It is important to take a break and take off your eyes from screen to reduce stress on eyes. Look and focus at something else for few seconds or minutes and try to do this at least one in every hour.

Use proper lightning– Eye strain can also cause by excessive bright light either from sunlight coming from outside or from interior lightning so you need to adjust proper amount of light in surrounding when you working with computers  or  watching TV.

Minimize glare – Bright reflections from computer screen usually cause eye strain hence install antiglare screen on your monitor to prevent irritation of the eyes. Adjust the contrast and brightness on the monitor which is comfortable for you to work.

Keep screen clean– Keep your monitor or TV screen clean and dust free as dust on the screen lowers contrast and can lead to reflection and glare problem.

Generally following these simple eye exercises, one can reduce eye strain at work or at home thus reducing headache and tension which in turn will improve productivity at work and decrease work errors. And for some people glasses are prescribed by doctors to avoid strain on eyes. But if you still experience strain, irritation or headache, it is recommended to visit your eye specialist immediately.

Don’t neglect your Eyes…They are as important as other parts of your body!!!!



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