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  • 14 Tips for Preventive care and hygiene for Eyes

    14 Tips for Preventive care and hygiene for Eyes

    Different key factors affect the health of the eye including infections, injury & trauma, age-related problems & other medical conditions. With few precautionary steps, many of these problems can be minimized, delayed or avoided. Here is a list of hygiene tips for Eye Care: •        Protect your eyes from dirt and other irritating substances. •        Avoid or minimize the use of makeup. Don't share eye makeup accessories with anyone. ......

  • Eye Care | 25 Tips for eye precaution

    Eye Care | 25 Tips for eye precaution

    Eyes are vital organs of body connecting you to immediate environment.  Here is a list of precautions and life-style modifications that could help protect your eyes and improve your eye sight: 1). Add food  abundant  in nutrients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, , zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, lutein and zeaxanthin to reduce occurrences of  eye problems such as muscular degeneration and cataract. These include food items such as green leafy vegetables, bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, oranges, citrus.....

  • Healthy Tips to reduce Under- Eye Puffiness

    Healthy Tips to reduce Under- Eye Puffiness

    Do you feel tired and see those bags of puffiness under your eyes sometimes which make you feel old and annoying? These are nothings, but signs of stress and fatigues. But there are number of our habits, which also leads to puffiness under eyes such as frequently rubbing of eyes, going to bed with make up on, excessive alcohol drinking, less sleep etc. And by following some good and healthy tips we can overcome and reduce this eye problem.   Tips to reduce under eye puffiness: Drink more water and cut down on salt Intake Adequate....

  •  Eye Exercises to reduce Eye strain

    Eye Exercises to reduce Eye strain

    In today’s modern world with increase in use of laptops and phones, every person experience eye problems such as blurred vision, itchiness of the eyes, teary eyes and headache on daily basis. Studies have shown these problems are mainly associated with computer users who strain their eyes by continuously looking at the screen. So for such people here are some simple exercise tips to reduce strain on their eyes.Simple Exercises to reduce eye strainRepeated blinking –Blinking is very important while working on computer or while watching TV......


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