Exciting ways to cook fish differently


Take a break from red meat and meat products which are unhealthy and packed with saturated fatty acids leading to number of heart illness and cholesterol problems. Therefore try to opt for more heart-friendly foods such as fatty fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids that give, a boost to your immune system and brain power making you healthier, sharp and fit.

Here are some interesting fish recipes, you can try to make your lunch and dinner more exciting.

Fish tacos

Marinate your fish fillets using oil, mustard paste, chillies, lemon juice and salt. You can now choose any of the options to cook your fish like, broil them, grill them with minimum amount of oil or coat with flour and deep fry them in oil or microwave. These completely depends on your taste and choice. Lay this cooked fish fillets on warm corn tortilla and top with shredded cabbage, tomatoes, and onions with fresh salsa with a pinch of lime juice.

Spicy Thai Style Fish curry

Use soft flesh fish with less bones for this recipe. Don’t try to overcook these soft fish pieces, try to poach them and put in chicken or vegetable stock with touch of coconut milk and Thai curry paste. Simmer and cook for few minute and serve along with sauté veggies like zucchini, eggplant, and mushroom. This recipe is excellent for dinner as it is very easy to make and also to digest.

Grilled Fish with Salsa

This is another interesting recipe for fish where you just have to grill your fish with your favourite spices in minimum amount of oil and complement with salsa. Fresh salsa is made with tomatoes, peppers and onions and even with mango spiked with red onions and cilantro which makes super tasty topping for grilled fish. Grilled salmon is also the best choice as this is one of the healthiest fish packed with omega fatty acids. You can marinate it with soy sauce, honey and ginger.

Mussels with Stout beer

Steam or partially boil fresh mussels with shallots, a hearty beer, cayenne, honey and with radish or carrot pieces. Shellfish and mussels are very good source of protein but should be included occasionally as they are also rich in cholesterol.

Simple and tasty shrimps

Sauté first some garlic pieces in olive oil in a shallow pan, and on very low flame add shrimps. Add seasonings according to your taste. Cook until just they turn pink. You can have this with sautéed vegetables, onions, tomatoes, oregano and a glass of wine.

Fish salad

Fish like salmon and tuna make the best choice when you think about making fish salad as a complimentary dish with your main dish. Grill your fish and toss it with low calories veggies like red onion, lemon, beans, tomatoes and some herbs. It is a quick recipe which is energy filling and tasty. And you can also use this salad sandwiches with cucumber slices when you need to travel.  

Tips: Wherever you may try the recipe of your choice from the one listed above, try to go for fresh fish as spoiled or frozen fish can cause stomach disturbances.



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