Efficient eating habits to lose weight without dieting


It is not required to indulge always in heavy workout in gyms to burn your calories and nor to starve your body. There are simple but efficient eating habits which helps you to lose weight without dieting. Here are the one:

Eat meal on time

Eating meals on time is as important as doing any other work on time. Try to set a timer for around 20 minutes and eat slow. This is one of the key requirement in losing weight as researchers says, eating smaller portion with proper chewing and biting of food is the best habit. This is because when you grab big bite there is less time for your stomach to send signal to brain that it is full which leads to overeating. Hence it is advisable to eat good food but with proper chewing in mouth which also helps in proper digestion of food.

Have adequate amount of sleep

Sleeping at right time and getting good amount of sleep is as important for body as good food. Researches have indicated, sleep of around 7 hours is very important for adult body to regain energy and rest. As less amount of sleep again leads to increase your appetite especially at night leading to overeating and gaining extra pounds.

Eat more veggies

Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet.  This is because vegetables and fruits are rich source of fibre and water content and are very low in calories. Eating them helps to fill your stomach but does not add more weight to body. But remember you need to cook them without any fat to obtain their maximum benefits in losing weight. Health experts recommends to use three different type of vegetables daily which helps in losing extra weight from your body.

Incorporate more soups

Try to include broth based vegetable or protein soups especially for dinner. As this are low in calories and easy to digest they will add less fat to your body. And another benefit of having soup is that you add more water content to your body which again helps in losing weight. Try to incorporate low sodium and avoid thick creamy soups.

Go for whole grains

Whole grains products such as brown rice, barley, oats and whole wheat bread are better options than refined and white bread. This is because whole grain products helps to fill your stomach faster adding low calories and also are believed to improve your cholesterol level. And therefore they are one of the best options in losing weight strategy.

Avoid sugary drinks

Replace your sugary soda drink with plain water or zero-calorie seltzer which will help you to lose weight tremendously. Because scientists have proven that, these diet soda and other sugary drinks are the main culprit of putting extra weight on body as they are rich in liquid sugar and preservatives which are unhealthy for body too.

Go for green tea

Drinking green tea has found excellent effect in losing weight strategy. Studies have proved that green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and phytochemicals which helps to burn extra calories in body and thus helps in losing weight in no time.

Incorporate these simple but efficient eating habits and see tremendous improvement in losing weight.



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