Effective Thirst Quencher: Watermelon juice and its Benefits


Watermelon juice is the best coolant and thirst quencher. It helps to the beat heat and hot summers as it quickly cools the body and replenish water and minerals lost by sweat. It is ultimate low calorie fruit juice enjoyed by everyone in the family, irrespective of age. The best part it is very easy to make so everyone can make their own glass of juice.

Here is the Watermelon recipe to beat the summer heat


Watermelon – ½ no (medium size)

2tsp lemon juice

Fresh mint leaves

Ice cubes – as needed

Sugar or honey – as per taste (optional)


Cut watermelon into small cubes, remove skin and seeds.

Add into juicer or blender and blend until smooth.

Add lemon juice and mint leaves and blend again for 1min.

Add chilled ice cubes and serve.

You can use sugar or honey to add more sweet taste.

Note: Watermelon cubes can be also made by pouring this juice in trays. You can add this cubes to any other fruit juice to make it more delicious and to supply nutrients of watermelon too.

Health benefits of Watermelon juice

Watermelon is rich in phenolic compounds like flavonoids, carotenoids and triterpenoids which act as powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory components. The carotenoid lycopene in watermelon is particularly beneficial in reducing inflammation and fighting against free radicals that damages cells. The high content of potassium in watermelon helps to retain calcium in body helping to make bones stronger. Watermelon is abundant source of vitamin C which also plays vital role in neutralizing reactive species (free radicals) because of its high anti-oxidant property.

Hence summer is the best time to indulge in this fresh and juicy watermelon recipe which does not only makes you cool and refreshing but is also abundant source of array of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

So next when thirsty…Try Watermelon juice instead of soft drink…..



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