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Eating healthy foods is vital to staying fit. The astute observation of the statement would bring out nuggets of heath tips most of us are unaware or ignore. The golden words “Sharing is caring” can be readily applied to your food intake. Eating in presence of Family eliminates over-eating for diet freaks. Most wellness instructors recommend eating a variety of food and eating all food in moderation. This means eating healthy food diet, with right essential quantity of each category carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals,vitamins, caretenoids and anti-oxidants. Eat healthy and stay healthy”, give a healthy start to your day eating a bowl of vegetables or a bowl of sprouted beans regularly. Essentially your diet chart should include a handful of cereals,one or two pieces of fruit in every meal, whole grains and high calorie food like oats, muesli and cornflakes, lime water or lemonade, cheese or paneer (Cheese) and 1 or 2 glasses of fruit juices(without sugar or flavors). Cooking  food in refined soil and low fat cooking media such as Soya-oil, Cardamom Oil brings in a better aroma and taste and lesser triglycerides in your food. The choice of cooking medium and species varies from culture to culture, its beneficial to look-out for less fried and less spicy items on menu that pumps up your digestion, relives your heart and sharpens your senses.

While most religions promote fasting, Eating healthy foods commands a sustained balanced diet regime. A harmonized diet cycle, with fixed amount of calorie in-take per day strengthens body to retain energy, vitality and develop a charisma. While eating your focus should be on food and eating exclusively. Avoid distractions like television, laptop work and gossip while eating. Delaying food and water in-take an hour before and after exercise routine effectively beings down your cholesterol levels. The preference for a non-veg meal, white meat, fish, eggs etc. depends entirely on preference taste, believes, and total calorie intake in a day. Most dietitians recommend a daily uptake between 3000 to 3500 Calories for normal individual.   To Eat healthy and Stay Healthy would require avoiding Street-food, gravy continental dishes, ice-cream, sweets, fried food items that dampen your aspirations to reach a perfect body shape. Stale and rotten fruit, vegetables, large quantities of liquor uptake needs to be avoided in all items to stay healthy. A cream-less salads and low calorie desserts increases appetite and provides improved fiber intake that stabilize digestion and bring you back to health. Fruit juice without added sugar can work wonders to immune system, and reduce the virulence of the antigen. All medications should be taken at the advice of physician to curtail allergies. The best practice to follow is to eat less and eat multiple foods at different times in a day.



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