Easy tips to kill the stress


Sometimes there are really easy ways to handle your stress and tension than depending on those strong anti-depressants drugs and making frequent visits to doctors. Imagine if you could take care of your stress by making some changes in your life styles, you would be free from all the side effects of stress such as increase in blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and heart problems and more important you will come out of negative thoughts. So, here I am listing out some easy ways which you can follow anywhere to put your stress and worries in place.

Get outside

Try to spend more time outside which may be in your garden, lawn or taking long drive to get exposed to nature and its beauty. Interacting with nature will always help you to calm down and relax. Even a few minutes of walk or biking can make significant difference in decreasing your stress level and to make you feel good.

Keep smiling

Remove that fake smile from your face and try to smile genuinely when you are with your friends, colleagues or relatives. Just don’t allow that attitude or ego to reflect on your face. Smiling and even laughing out loud relaxes your muscles around your eyes and mouth and reduces your stress response even in stressful conditions. Scientists says smiling and laughing also helps to regulate your heart rate in tensions and makes it normal.

Listen to music

Listening to music is the best remedy to decrease your stress level as music calms you down. Studies have proved that the stress hormone known as cortisol which is released in body during stressful conditions comes down when a person listen to his or her favourite music or songs. So, next time when you feel your heart is beating fast due to stress and tension, tune in your favourite piece of music.

Breathe Freely

Focussing on your breath helps you to clams down, relax and removes negative thoughts when you are under pressure or stress. This also works best when you feel scared or when you get fear of doing some work. In such situation, sit calmly in one place and breathe in slowly through your nose, letting your chest rise to take more air in lungs. Then breathe out slowly by repeating the word or phrase that helps you to relax. Try this atleast for 10mins to get its maximum benefits.

Jot down on paper

Writing down your worries, problems and other thoughts on paper will help you to sort out and find their solution quickly. Now a days you can use apps on phones, or on laptops to jot down your points which will help you to organise your plan accordingly to resolve them. This is a best way to remove your emotions out.

Talk to your friend

Talking to your friend or your dear’s ones will definitely  help you to share your problems, worries and find suitable solutions as those people know you better. Try to incorporate their advices and thoughts if they are really your well-wishers.

Exercise regularly

Indulge yourself in some kind of exercise, which may be yoga, meditation or any kind of gym exercise. This will help to relax your muscles and promote proper blood circulation to heart, brain and other parts of body to decrease those stress hormones and their negative effects.

And most of all, you have to devote some time for yourself to help you to get good grip on situation. Sometimes motivation self-talk like “Everything will be OK” or “I will sort out it” will help you to encourage yourself. And most important thing is to stay positive and happy to put all your stress and worries in right place.



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