Does really Laughter therapy works for stress?


In today’s stressful world we need to laugh much more and louder, but somehow we have forgotten to laugh or even share smile with others. Everyone wants to be happy andhealthy but instead they are getting stressed, depressed, less of sleep andisolated. And this is mainly because in our daily life we are indulge in numberof problems such as pressure at work, at home, schools etc. which keep usunhappy and stressed all the time. So, let’s incorporate this priceless medicine known as “Laughter therapy”in our lives to decrease the tension, anxiety and stress to some extent.

Laughing is an excellent way to reduce stress in our lives and helps us sometimes to cope with very pressurized situations in your life. It lifts our spirits, relieves our physical and mental tensions and makes us happy in bad situation and therefore laughter is consider to be best medicine by many health specialist. Laughter is also very contagious emotion and helps to bring people together.

How does laughter therapy works?

Laughter therapy which is also known as humor therapy is a powerful antidote to stress, pain and conflict. It brings your body and mind into balance and helps to keep you calm and sober. It can strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish your pain and protect u from the damaging effect of stress. Laughter provides full workout for your muscles and releases a rush of stress-busting endorphins. Since our bodies cannot distinguish between real and fake laughter, anything that makes you giggle will have positive effect on the body.

Laughter therapy aims to get people laughing in both group and individual sessions. Many health centers are treating patients who suffer from depression, stress and diabetes with “laughter therapy.” Patients are encouraged to “laugh out loud together”at their centers to make them feel good, happy and tense free. These also allows patients to connect with each other giving them chance to share their life experience with each other.  Studies have shown this type of treatment is very beneficial because it cuts down health care costs, burns calories, help arteries and boosts blood flow.

What are the health benefits of laughter?

Over the years, many doctors and health care professional believes that Laughter act as natural depressant which lightens your burden, inspires hopes and keep you grounded and focused.

Relaxes muscle

Decrease stress hormones levels by increasing endorphins level

Reduces pain

Lower blood pressure

Improves cardiovascular conditions

Strengthen immune system

Enhance the oxygen intake stimulating various organs

Reduce depression and anxiety thus improving your mood

Connect with people

Today, Yoga also has come up with therapy called “laughter Yoga” where they practice these laughter sessions at various social laughter clubs, fitness centre, school, colleges and mainly at physically and mentally challenged institutes bringing happiness to all  places.Laughter yoga is a simple laughing exercise that enables a person to laugh continuously for 15-20 minutes with short breaks of yogic breathing. These exercises will shift your mood and make you feel lighter and relaxed.

So what you are waiting for. Just go ahead and incorporate this priceless medicine of “laughter therapy” in your life to experience remarkable difference in your life. 



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