Different poses of yoga and their significance


Regular Yoga exercises gives you the power, energy buzz and great amount of relief from stress and worries. Yoga also helps to keep you grounded, feel happy, confident and calm. It promotes a well balance between mental and physical activities. Of all, yoga teaches you to breathe properly and healthy which is a key requirement for fit and healthy body. Here are the list of some yoga poses which will help you understand their posture and significance, especially for beginners.

Warrior pose

Feel the power of like a worrier by practising warrior pose. To carry out this pose, you have to step one foot forward and bend it from front knee. Then turn your other back foot to 90-degree angle. Now stretch you’re both hands in front and behind you by facing palms downwards and face forward.

Significance – This pose helps to conquer your negative thoughts and helps to focus better

Triangle pose

Beginners have to be very careful while trying the triangle pose for first time, as it need lot of practice and focus. As you can get hurt if you miss the balance in triangle pose. In this pose you have to straighten your front leg and bend at the hip by keeping your hand palm on your shin. Then stretch your other hand high in the sky and gently turn your head facing upwards. Then try to repeat this on the other side too.

Significance – By repeating this pose it will help you to strengthen your bones and joints.

Tree pose

Start by keeping your feet together so that they are firm on ground. Then slowly raise one foot by resting on calf or thigh of other leg. Keep your hand in prayer position from start then straight up and then above your shoulders.

Significance – This pose helps to get stronger and stronger with practice.

Mountain pose

Start this pose by pressing your hands together just like what you do while praying. Drop your shoulders down and back, arms at sides and relax and start. Then stretch your hands towards the sky by slightly arching back. But you need to look forward while carrying out this pose continuously.

Significance – The best part of this pose is that, you can start this anytime and anywhere while you standing. This pose mainly improve your posture and take care of bad posture like hunch back.

Plank pose

Start this pose by taking push-up position with your hands, shoulder –width apart and your leg straight. Don’t let your tummy slag down n=by keeping your abs and thigh muscle tight.

Significance – This pose mainly works on your abs making them stronger. This also helps your body to look straight and broad once you get this position perfect.

Cobra pose

To start with this pose lie your face down and then keep your legs straight with the tops of your feet on the ground. Then slowly lift your chest up, keeping your hands under your shoulders. Keeping your hips down, straighten your arms.

Significance – This pose mainly helps to stretch your muscle. Its main benefits is that it helps to open your chest which in turn promote your lungs to take more air and breathe deep. This also make your abs and spine stronger.

Seated Twist

Sit on the floor straight with both legs straight out in front. Cross your right leg over your left thigh, so that you’re right foot touches the ground. Then slowly ned the left leg so that it touches your body. Keep your right hand on the ground behind your body and left elbow on your right knee. Repeat on the other side too.

Significance – This pose helps to twist your body making it more flexible.

Child pose

Kneel down like a child and keep your toes flat on the floor. Move your knees further on ground about hip distance apart. Then try laying your body forward with your arms stretching out. Rest your forehead on the ground and start breathing deeply.

Significance- This makes your body feel calm and relaxed.

Indulge in YOGA to keep you fit, calm and healthy!



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