• Abscessed tooth: symptoms, prevention and treatment

    Abscessed tooth: symptoms, prevention and treatment

    An abscessed tooth is infection of tooth and surrounding area the mouth, face, jaw, or throat due presence of untreated cavity, damage to tooth and gum disease. Gum disease caused when gums are mechanically pulled away from teeth creating pockets. Presence of food in these empty pockets leads to bacterial growth and abscess formation. Over period of Time, abscess causes bone around tooth to dissolve. Symptoms include: Red swollen gums. Salty taste in mouth. Throbbing pain at chewing activity. Swelling of jaw or face region. ...

  • Tooth Decay: cause, symptoms and cure

    Tooth Decay: cause, symptoms and cure

    Tooth decay is the process resulting into a cavity (dental caries) when bacterial activity in mouth makes acids that eat away at a tooth. A tooth has an outer layer (enamel), a middle layer (dentin), and a center (pulp).  Plaque is a sticky substance formed on your teeth and gums that contains bacterial presence. These bacteria make acid (through fermentation of sugars present in your food), that destroys tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay. Tooth decay causes cavity formation or infected tooth resulting in toothache. The more....

  • Gingival diseases in childhood

    Gingival diseases in childhood

    In Children and Adoloscents, prevailing Gingival (or gum) diseases is not uncommon. In fact, they are the one's who are more prone to such diseases as compared to adults.Below mentioned are common gingival diseases in children.1. PLAQUE INDUCED GINGIVAL DISEASEThis variant of gum disease is extremely common both in a child as well as an adolescent. Here, the inflammation or swelling is limited to the marginal gingiva without any loss of bone or connective tissue attachment. It is commonly called " chronic marginal gingivitis " .Signs include,....

  • How is tooth decay caused and how can i avoid it ?

    How is tooth decay caused and how can i avoid it ?

    What is tooth decay?Tooth decay also known as dental cavities and dental caries is an infection of tooth which result in destruction of either outer hard surface of tooth (enamel), or second layer beneath the enamel (dentin) or  inside the tooth (pulp) containing the nerve and blood vessel. They are especially common in children and older people. But everyone having teeth can get dental cavities where even the infants are affected by this disease. Tooth decay is a common health problem, second in prevalence to common cold. According to the...


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