Common Insect bites: causes body pain


There are number of these small creature on earth, known as insects which can prove dangerous and poisonous to human kind as same that of big animals like snakes, wild cat, bear etc. hence these small creatures cannot be neglected. They are responsible to millions of death worldwide because of their bites and stings that releases venom or toxin within human body which lead to various allergic reactions. Some insects causes mild reactions whereas some cause serious such as anaphylactic reactions or cardiac shock. Examples of some common insect whose sting or bite causes serious pain in body are as follows:

Bullet ant:  Bullet ant also known as giant hunting ant is a predator type insect and gets its name basically because it produces powerful and potent bite. The pain caused by this ant remains for almost 24hours after its bite and is characterized by burning waves, throbbing and unbearable pain.

Fleas: Fleas are the external parasite of humans and other animals including birds which possess tube like mouth parts for sucking blood from host cells. Their bite leads to itching, swelling, reddening and also loss of hair from infected area.

Fire ants: Fire ants are seems to be the most aggressive and dangerous insect species because they can attack and kill small animals which comes in their path. When they bite, they release some kind of toxin called selenopsin in host blood which can cause potent burning sensation in human body. Because of their action they are called fire ants.

Kissing bugs: Kissing bugs usually attacks near mouth and face when you are sleeping, that the reason called kissing insects. They normally survive near the host body from which they tend to suck blood and leads to injection of some kind of salivary proteins in blood which initiate allergic reaction in human body. Common symptoms caused by kissing bite infection are nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, edema and wheezing problems.

Killer bees: killer bees tend to attack human beings when they get scared and because of their aggressive protective nature. They also releases toxin in human body through their sting which is so powerful that it can lead to death of victim. The symptoms of their infection include burning sensation, reddening of area, inflammation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and complication while breathing.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are the most dangerous and are responsible to cause millions of death every year. According to WHO data, around 500 million deaths are caused by malarial parasites. Mosquitoes are therefore considered to cause major nuisance in world and spreading of various diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and dengue. The female mosquitoes inject saliva in human blood when they bite which initiate mild reactions such as itching and development of bump. But when they act as a reservoir of diseases transmitting virus they lead to dreadful and dangerous disease.

Although these small creatures may be very small in sizes as compared other giant animals, they too have huge capacity to cause painful reactions in body which might be mild like itching, swelling or reddening to severe conditions like nausea, vomiting , difficulty in breathing which if kept untreated can take millions of lives. So, don’t ignore insect bites and stings and get treated immediately if you experience following symptoms.



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