Cautions in a Weight loss programme


Intentional weight loss through a conscious effort to reduce or contain perceived overweight or obese state is commonly referred as slimming. Weight loss is achieved by means of loss of fluid, fatty-adipose tissue and/or muscle, tendon, other connective tissue bone mineral deposits. A supervised weight loss initiative under a wellness expert, should aim to optimize basal metabolic rate (BMR), improve the muscle density and tone up your appearance.

By integrating certain precautions in your exercise and fitness routine the health benefits can be multiplied many folds.

1). Define a diet chart for yourself to declare the daily calorie requirements of the body. Strictly adhere to calorie uptake limit for the day.

2). Blood sugar level is crucial parameter for energy availability and proper functioning of body mechanisms. Attempt to reduce blood sugar, by restricting all forms of sugar, caffeine-tea & coffee and sweets uptake to regulate sugar uptake.

3). Avoid oily saturated foods, to bring down cholesterol levels in your blood. You get twin-fold benefits from this health caution. One this would improve stamina for extra work-out and second you get the agility to bring down cholesterol levels further.

4). Your diet should essentially include red orange and green food items such that at-least one food item belonging to these colors every time to dine.

2). Add salad to your diet. Diet fiber present in vegetable or fruit salad regulates the bowel movement in stomach improving digestion to bring vitality and joy to your mood.

 3). A ‘crash diet is equivalent to fasting’ refers to restriction of food (except water) for more than 12 waking hours.  A sudden imbalance in energy requirement and energy availability can disturb your metabolism.

4).Water intake needs to be minimized an hour before and after the exercise. The higher performance levels of body functioning during exercise can get hampered if water intake is done at the time of exercising. You may actually add to body fat by drinking just before or after exercise, as your energy reservoir glucose deposited as triglycerides or fats.

5). Start your workout with stretching and aerobic exercises to warm-up your body before intense weight or cardio training sessions.    

6). The strength, endurance and flexibility come in packages. Depending upon your health endurance and stamina, a workout should not extend more than half an hour at a stretch.

7). Weight training should be carried out under the care of your trainer to avoid potential burn-outs.

8). The lighter the weights, more is the endurance and value is added to your physic.  Aim to extend the number of sets, duration of weight training; and not just the weights; every time to reach to your gym floor to develop stamina.

9).  It is wise to have a defined set of exercises and diet plan for your work-out, having a plan B  ready for alternate work-out and a different diet plan in your day planner is smart option that you can invest on your health.

10). The whole body exercises such as cycling or swimming require proper space to be effective in bringing down the fat deposits and ensure wellness.

11). Surprisingly, the endurance and flexibility is achieved as a result of increase in ligament and muscle density instead of the bone strength. It pays to pay attention to stretching and aerobic exercises that provide the real strength and firmness to you.

11). Sleep cycle should be steady and regular to balance out the fatigue and to regain composure.

12). It’s better to know your stamina levels to avoid over-exertion and break-downs.

13). There is a logical relation between your hard-work and the weight-loss & slimming. The minimal the breaks in your routine; better is it for your fitness levels.

14). Avoid anxiety related breakdowns by planning-in steps, before-hand in your workout.

15). Capitalize on the momentum gained in your fitness program, by maintaining a positive, planned approach in day’s task to achieve overall results.



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