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  • Coconut Oil - Effective treatment for Mouth Thrush (Oral thrush)

    Coconut Oil - Effective treatment for Mouth Thrush (Oral thrush)

    Candidiasis which occurs in the mouth or throat of a person is called “thrush” or oropharyngeal candidiasis. The most common symptoms of oral candidiasis or oral thrush is the development of white patches or plaques on the tongue and other oral mucous membrane. Other symptoms include redness, soreness in affected areas, difficulty in swallowing food and severe cases can lead to angular chelitis (cracks on the edges of mouth). How and Why Oral thrush is caused Oral thrush is caused by fungal infection which happens......

  • Most Embarrassing Beauty and Body Problems

    Most Embarrassing Beauty and Body Problems

    Some time there are simple bad habits and body problems which if not taken care can put you in awkward situation in public, hurting your self-esteem. Here I am listing some problems in daily life and how to tackle them. Having a Unibrow- Some of us develop an excess growth of hairs between the eyebrows which is one of the most embarrassing moments, especially for young girls in colleges or at work place. Therefore it becomes a routine visit to parlour to clean up these extra hairs on face which spoils the beauty. And you can also opt for......

  • Tips for the Perfect Pedicure

    Tips for the Perfect Pedicure

    You may think your feet and toenails look ugly sometimes when you don’t take proper care of them. Therefore to look beautiful from head to toe, you need to take care of your toe nails and feet by doing regular pedicure. Here are list of some good tips for the perfect pedicure method. Trim your toenails regularly – Make sure you trim your nails regularly to prevent any ingrown toenails and also to make them strong. Don’t cut your cuticles – Cuticles helps to keep germs away from toe thus preventing any infection in....

  • Gait, Posture & Health

    Gait, Posture & Health

    Correct posture means the balancing of body in accurate and proper manner while sitting, standing, reading, and writing or during any other action of body. The foremost impression of an individual is gathered from how he stands sits and walks. In a proper posture, the whole body weight falls on both feet without any effort and the entire body appears to be in a vertical line. In this position all the limbs of body perform their functions efficiently. Posture is dynamic and changes according to the activity.The human body wages a constant battle...

  • Say 'NO' to dark Elbows

    Say 'NO' to dark Elbows

    Everyday we step out of our house and come across so many things like Dust, sunlight etc. To take care of our face, hair or eyes, we do so many things and  always make them look clean and healthy but we somehow neglect some of our body parts. Elbow is also one of the body parts which suffer due to lack of proper care and attention.Sun exposure and a build of dead skin can cause the skin of your elbows to look dull and darker than rest of the body parts and generally we always realize it  very late and then  feel embarrassed to wear our......


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