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  • Chronic Hepatitis C Infection- Symptoms, Causes and Precautions

    Chronic Hepatitis C Infection- Symptoms, Causes and Precautions

    What is Chronic hepatitis C Infection? - Chronic Hepatitis C is a long lasting liver infection which is caused by a virus called hepatitis C virus. It is usually known as acute hepatitis during the first six months stage in infection. But in most people around 80% of acute infection turns into chronic, leading to long lasting hepatitis C infection. Chronic hepatitis C Risk factors and Causes Most people are infected with this virus (Hepatitis C virus) when they receive blood into their body from the donor having this virus. This......

  • Thalassemia -  Cause, symptoms and Cure

    Thalassemia - Cause, symptoms and Cure

    Thalassemia is a genetic disorder characterized by lesser number of Red Blood Cells (R.B.C.) and hemoglobin.  R.B.C.s contains hemoglobin, an iron-rich protein that carries oxygen from lungs to all parts of body. Normal hemoglobin (hemoglobin A) is composed of four protein chains, two alpha goblin and two beta globin. These Genes regulate the bio-synthesis of hemoglobin protein chains. Lack of oxygen or oxygen deficit due to presence of lesser number of R.B.C and hemoglobin in bloodstream causes the signs and symptoms of thalassemias. .....

  • Anemia: cause and symptoms

    Anemia: cause and symptoms

    Anemia is a condition in body when blood lacks sufficient red blood cells or hemoglobin.    Red blood cells contain hemoglobin that is red coloured iron-rich protein. Lower hemoglobin count means that blood cannot bind to enough amount of oxygen. This causes fatigue since organs are not getting enough metabolic energy to function properly. Women in the childbearing years and people with chronic diseases are more prone to getting infected with anemia. Older adults have greater risk of developing anemia because of poor...

  • Common Blood disorders Disease and Types

    Common Blood disorders Disease and Types

    How important is that for you to know about “what are blood disorders and their types”. Blood is an essential component of our body which carries oxygen and nutrients to every part of cell and removes metabolic waste products away from the cells.Blood also fight infections and helps in healing injuries. Thus any disorder in blood affects, overall the health of a body and therefore it becomes very crucial for everyone to know what blood disorders are?Let’s understand some of the common blood disorders and bloodcomponents that gets......


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