Biggest Sex Drive Killers - 9 secret factors


Biggest Sex- Drive Killers: There are number of problems which may be related to health, bad habits or due to age factors that can affect one’s sex relationship. The less desire to have sex further affects personal and professional life due to lack of confidence, unhappiness and stress. Here are some major factors which act as “Killers” of one’s sex drive.

Stress: Stressful conditions due to work pressure, at home or in relationship is a major problem for low libido both in men and women. Learning how to handle stress is a best way for healthy relationship. And if not than a doctor or counsellor can help.

Partners problems: Problems among partners are again major cause of fights, misunderstanding which eventually leads to decreases in attraction between them and desire for sex. Hence both partners should sit down and sort out their problems and worries as miscommunication can lead to more complications in married and sex life. And further if not settled that talking to couple counsellor is the best option.

Alcohol consumption: Health experts always suggest to avoid alcohol consumption for healthy sex life and mainly when you are planning for a baby. As it is scientifically proved that alcohol consumption can damage sperm quality in males and can lead to various health complications such as increase chances of miscarriage in females. It also leads to decrease in sex hormones in both sexes further affecting their sex life.

Too less sleep: if you facing sleep problems like trouble falling sleep or sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or insomnia, then you need to consult your doctor immediately. As sleeping disorders not only affect health but also create mess in sexual relationship as you can’t devote proper time to your partner because of lack of sleep and fatigues.

Having kids: Becoming parents does not mean that you have lost interest in sex life, but it does affect as you lose time to spend with your partner. Therefore the best advice given is to try sex during baby nap time.

Medications:  Some drugs can also turn down the sex desire such as antidepressants, blood pressure medications, birth control pill and chemotherapy. Switching such drugs or dosage may help but only after consulting your psychotherapist or health expert.

Erectile dysfunction:  Men with erectile dysfunction often worry about how to perform during sex and the worry can drain their desire. Erectile dysfunction can treated by taking proper medical help and couples can regain their sexual pleasure.

Depression: Being depressed can shut down pleasure in many activities including sex. Some depression drugs can also lower sex desire hence you need to take proper medical supervision in such cases to come out of depression and also to increase one’s libido.

Menopause: For many women, sex decreases after menopause which is accompanied by vaginal dryness and pain during sex. But taking proper medicines and lubrications can help and try to consult your gynaecologist for proper medical help.

The most important of all is the closeness and feeling of love which need to be re-establish between the couple not only to increase sex desire but to build stronger bond. So try to spend more time and closeness by sharing your love and care with your partner to regain your sex drive. 



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